Saturday, 14 February 2015

Crochet with Mis Fid (14 February 2015)

Crochet with Ms. Fid (14 February 2015)

*Are you interested to learn how to crochet? 
*Do not know how to start?
*You need someone to teach?
Then this class is just for you!

Crochet basic class with me who has more than 15years of experience. I will teach you all the basic you need to know to start your fun crochet magic journey on your own

▶Time: 14 Feb 2015, 10.30am-3.30pm
▶Duration: 4hrs + 1hr break (1 time)
▶Location: Spotlight,
Ampang Point Shopping Centre, KL
▶Fees: RM160 /
pax, 2-6pax per class
▶Material: basic crochet kit, notes & free pattern exclusively from me included in the fee.

Register now!
☞WA: +6019 398 0624 or

Photo layout workshop - Honey Chai theme (15th February 2015)

Photo layout workshop - Honey Chai theme - with Miezcraft / Namizam (15th February 2015)

Instructor :  Namizam
To book :

Block Patchwork Baby Blanket (7th, 8th & 15th February 2015)

Block Patchwork Baby Blanket with Sarang Craft / Abby @ Spotlight
(7th, 8th & 15th February 2015)

Instructor :  Abby of
To book :  016-7220412

Pick A Project (28th February 2015)

Pick A Project with Rozi @ Spotlight (28th February 2015)

Instructor : Rozi Rahman
To book :  012-2038117

Icord Mugrug (28th February 2015) @Spotlight, Ampang Point

Icord Mugrug with Rozi @ Spotlight (28th February 2015)
Instructor :  Rozi Rahman
To register : 012-2038117

Tatting for Beginner @Spotlight, Ampang Point

Tatting for Beginners with Jon Yusoff @ Spotlight, Ampang Point

Instructor :  Jon Yusoff
To make appointment :  013-383 1515

Learn Basic Stringing @Spotlight, Ampang Point

Learning Basic Stringing with Whimsicalnquirky @ Spotlight

Instructor : Mastura Mustaffa of
Venue :  Spotlight, Ampang Point
For appointment :  016-2089430

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Play Day Gathering (7 Jun 2014 @ KLCC Park)

 We had our craft activity organized by Felicia's Art &Yan's Crafty year 2014 (members of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor)

It was nice meeting new & old friends, getting to know each other & having fun during the activity.
First, we did it at the park but there were too many mosquitoes & stray cats marking at their territory. 

So, we changed our venue to KLCC food court.

Quilling moment. Everyone is busy's the outcome!


After the quilling activity, we had lunch together. The nasi lemak we tried was awesome..and also some other dishes in the KLCC food court. 

Stay tuned to our next gathering.

source taken from our sister blog - Paper Craft My Challenge Blog

Report by Felicia Loh

Friday, 30 January 2015

Copper wire 101

From wire sifu,

There are two types of craft copper wire available in local craft stores.
1. BARE COPPER wire ( left in pic). The color is usually pale and shiny. The pale color can sometimes look similar like rose gold pink. It is not coated and can go thru patina process. This bare copper wire will tarnish quickly too when comes in contact directly with hands while you work with it.
2. COATED COPPER wire (right in pic). The color is usually darker with dark orangish tone. This type of copper wire is coated with a layer of polyurethane that prevents it from tarnishing. As long as the coating is not scratched, torn or wore off the color stays the same.
The reason am writing this is because my students get confused as to why some of their ‪#‎handmade‬ ‪#‎copper‬ jewelry pieces changed color as compared to other pieces they made bought from the same craft supply shop. When i compare both wires together, it is obvious one is BARE copper while the other is COATED copper wire and they are both labelled the same as COPPER wire.
It all boils down to the label. Some suppliers do not label their craft copper wires right! The usual label shud say BARE COPPER or NATURAL COPPER (for coated wires) but there are suppliers that labelled their copper craft wires as just COPPER wire without informing crafters whether its BARE or COATED wires.
Therefore i hoped that crafters can learn to tell the difference when they do come accross copper wires that are labelled as just COPPER wire.
Courtesy of Mastura of

Friday, 24 October 2014

How to be a creative person!

"Cara menjadi orang yang kreatif ialah

  • melakukan sesuatu pekerjaan yang berbeza. 
  • Berkomunikasi dengan banyak orang, 
  • banyak membaca, 
  • menyediakan waktu untuk diri sendiri dan 
  • selalu ingin tahu terhadap sesuatu. 
  • Rajin dan selalu menuliskan apa saja yang ada difikiran, 
  • mengamati sesuatu yang dikerjakan orang lain, 
  • menantang dirimu sendiri dengan pekara pekara yang positif. 
  • Luangkan waktu untuk beristirahat dan 
  • bangun kepercayaan yang positif. 
Semoga bermanfaat." Yusof Gajah

THANK YOU for your wisdom!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

ACG Craft Instructor Schedule at Spotlight, Ampang Point.

Nov 2014 schedule is ready. Please feel free to contact the instructor to inquire more.

Thank you.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

AUG- Craft Classes at Spotlight, Malaysia, Ampang Point Shopping Mall

Hi everyone, 
We've always received queries about where we have craft classes... So, thanks to Spotlight Malaysia - our instructors have a wonderful place to run classes. You'd go gaga at all the craft supplies in-store and then have a ball at your craft classes!!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

ACG instructors at Spotlight Malaysia, Ampang Point

Do join our ACG craft & sewing instructors at the grand opening of Spotlight Malaysia in Ampang Point, KL THIS MORNING - 12 July 2014. They will be there in shifts from 10am to 10pm today & tomorrow.

They will be doing demos on various forms of crafts & sewing projects using materials available from Spotlight. Spotlight has been a popular store for our crafters  when they travel to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. So now, you can find similar range of craft materials here in its first store in Malaysia. Another 3 more stores will be launched in the near future. They also have home furnishing and a small range of art materials, eg. acrylic paints & brushes.

Then you can sign-up for further classes according to their schedule. The preparations leading up to this event has been a great example of ACG's solidarity and cooperation among members. If you have been in Facebook the last few weeks, you would have seen >300 posts on our secret group (for only ACG paid-up membership) where they discussed arrangements to meet up and attend meetings with Spotlight's management, to discuss terms & conditions of the future classes so that there are some standard guidelines and finally to support each other as they rush to meet deadline for the opening.

This is the essence of our guild. People always ask - what BENEFIT do i get if i join ACG, hoping for tangible benefits like discounts, etc. But what we have is beyond that, something MUCH BETTER, something intangible like :

* Great CAMARADERIE & strong MUTUAL SUPPORT among members (as per the Spotlight, Parkamaya& National Textile Museum events)
* Access to OPPORTUNITIES and CONTACTS (through our FB & our various blogs, we've got invitations to organise events, attend events, contact with overseas crafters & artists, etc)
* Chance to DREAM!  When we get together, in the flesh or online..we usually brain-storm, think-up ideas to create fun events/challenges (eg. White T-Shirt Challenge, Crafting for Charity). 

So, today and many days to come, we WELCOME new members to join us and contribute your ideas, your dreams, your hopes. 

Join us today & tomoro, meet the members and try out the various crafts! 

And dont forget to sign-up for your VIP CARD to get great discounts 

Friday, 9 May 2014

ACG - Play Day Gathering - 7 June 2014 @ KLCC Park

Open to everyone!
Let's have some fun and get-to-know each other and even make new frens.

If you love crafts & arty stuff, do check out our sister blog

that has listing of all kinds of arty-crafty workshops / classes / events!  

Creativity Hub Initiative (CHI)

- pronounced as /kaɪ/ - FREE LISTING of art & craft workshops around 

Which glue to us?

Here's a table for crafters..
Thanks, Mikko of Craftzmaniac for sharing this link she found : 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Feb 2014 - Visitor from Italy

Through ACGmalaysia's blog and email, Italian crocheter, Kate Alinari contacted us for suggestions on arty, crafty stuff to do on her short visit to KL in February. 

Glad she was so happy with our suggestion - to visit Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2014 !

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Removing marker pen stains

What do teachers & crafts in common?  STAINS on their favourite clothes :)

Hope these tips help -

Friday, 20 December 2013

Part 2 - Annual Craft Workshop & CFC session

The Crafting For Charity event has come to its end for the year 2013. The spirit of goodwill was really felt for this session. There are participants who came not to just to learn at the workshops that were offered, they came to make handmade goods regardless of what crafts technique was taught on that particular days. Thank you to all who has participate in the event and made it happen!

Hair Accessories using Up-cycle Materials by Crazeepatches

Ribbon Bow & Vintage Floral Ribbon brooch by Umi Kalsom

Felt "Garden Friends" by SekociNorlie

Learn & Do Paper Quilling by Eva Ng

Fabric Birdie Soft Toy by Nirwana Tuan Sariff

Love the spirit of giving? If you have any of your own handmade item that you would like to give away to charity, you might do so by passing the items to us by contacting us at

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Part 1 - Annual Craft Workshop & CFC session

The annual craft workshop and CFC (Crafting For Charity) session was a success! Not only we produced a lot of small nicely made handmade items to give away for charity fundraising, a lot of participants got to acquire new craft making techniques and everyone has something special to share, whether it's their life experience, crafting ideas or simply helping out other participants with the projects they are working on.

A surprise visit from Turkish ceramic and creative soap artist, Meryem Buhari who made two crochet items for our CFC!
You can check out more of Meryem Buhari's works, here.

SAT 7 Dec 2013 -  Wire Bits CFC session by Mastura of 


This was followed by - Rose Pendant Wire Jewellery workshop by Whimsicalnquirky 

And then,  Hardanger Embroidery workshop by Zalita M. Nor of (photos pending)..

SUN 8 Dec 2013 -  Basic Crochet CFC session by MisfydKrafts
Participants for the basic crochet workshop were very lucky to receive a free copy of the first edition of "Jahitan Crochet" sponsored by the author herself, Lina A.R. Thank you Lina for your generosity,
it was indeed a nice gift!

Look at all the lovely items they made out of their mini crochet projects. The buttons  used to embellish  it were donated by Shah's Craft :)  TQ 

Folded Roses CFC session by Umi Kalsom Ismail

The huge amount of roses produced and made into hair accessories, tagged and ready to be contributed to charity organisations. Thanks to our hard-working, creative and fun volunteer crafters :)

Next was the Floral Ribbon Embroidery workshop - Felt Heart Bunting by Umi Kalsom

Followed by Macrame with Beads Bracelet workshop by Eva Ng

So, if you would like to learn new crafts with us or show off your skills and be in the crafters circle, its not too late! Part 2 - Annual Craft Workshop & CFC session will be conducted next weekend. And since its the school holidays, bring your child along and let them be crafty too!

For more information or if you like to book a seat for the event, please visit our Facebook event page:

Reported by Aishah  Niehus
Edited by Jane Khoo
Photo credits :  Mastura, Fid and Jane
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