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Sunday, 10 August 2014

AUG- Craft Classes at Spotlight, Malaysia, Ampang Point Shopping Mall

Hi everyone, 
We've always received queries about where we have craft classes... So, thanks to Spotlight Malaysia - our instructors have a wonderful place to run classes. You'd go gaga at all the craft supplies in-store and then have a ball at your craft classes!!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

ACG instructors at Spotlight Malaysia, Ampang Point

Do join our ACG craft & sewing instructors at the grand opening of Spotlight Malaysia in Ampang Point, KL THIS MORNING - 12 July 2014. They will be there in shifts from 10am to 10pm today & tomorrow.

They will be doing demos on various forms of crafts & sewing projects using materials available from Spotlight. Spotlight has been a popular store for our crafters  when they travel to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. So now, you can find similar range of craft materials here in its first store in Malaysia. Another 3 more stores will be launched in the near future. They also have home furnishing and a small range of art materials, eg. acrylic paints & brushes.

Then you can sign-up for further classes according to their schedule. The preparations leading up to this event has been a great example of ACG's solidarity and cooperation among members. If you have been in Facebook the last few weeks, you would have seen >300 posts on our secret group (for only ACG paid-up membership) where they discussed arrangements to meet up and attend meetings with Spotlight's management, to discuss terms & conditions of the future classes so that there are some standard guidelines and finally to support each other as they rush to meet deadline for the opening.

This is the essence of our guild. People always ask - what BENEFIT do i get if i join ACG, hoping for tangible benefits like discounts, etc. But what we have is beyond that, something MUCH BETTER, something intangible like :

* Great CAMARADERIE & strong MUTUAL SUPPORT among members (as per the Spotlight, Parkamaya& National Textile Museum events)
* Access to OPPORTUNITIES and CONTACTS (through our FB & our various blogs, we've got invitations to organise events, attend events, contact with overseas crafters & artists, etc)
* Chance to DREAM!  When we get together, in the flesh or online..we usually brain-storm, think-up ideas to create fun events/challenges (eg. White T-Shirt Challenge, Crafting for Charity). 

So, today and many days to come, we WELCOME new members to join us and contribute your ideas, your dreams, your hopes. 

Join us today & tomoro, meet the members and try out the various crafts! 

And dont forget to sign-up for your VIP CARD to get great discounts 

Friday, 9 May 2014

ACG - Play Day Gathering - 7 June 2014 @ KLCC Park

Open to everyone!
Let's have some fun and get-to-know each other and even make new frens.

If you love crafts & arty stuff, do check out our sister blog  creativemalaysia.blogspot.com

that has listing of all kinds of arty-crafty workshops / classes / events!  

Creativity Hub Initiative (CHI)

- pronounced as /kaɪ/ - FREE LISTING of art & craft workshops around 

Which glue to us?

Here's a table for crafters..
Thanks, Mikko of Craftzmaniac for sharing this link she found : 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Removing marker pen stains

What do teachers & crafts in common?  STAINS on their favourite clothes :)

Hope these tips help -

Friday, 20 December 2013

Part 2 - Annual Craft Workshop & CFC session

The Crafting For Charity event has come to its end for the year 2013. The spirit of goodwill was really felt for this session. There are participants who came not to just to learn at the workshops that were offered, they came to make handmade goods regardless of what crafts technique was taught on that particular days. Thank you to all who has participate in the event and made it happen!

Hair Accessories using Up-cycle Materials by Crazeepatches

Ribbon Bow & Vintage Floral Ribbon brooch by Umi Kalsom

Felt "Garden Friends" by SekociNorlie

Learn & Do Paper Quilling by Eva Ng

Fabric Birdie Soft Toy by Nirwana Tuan Sariff

Love the spirit of giving? If you have any of your own handmade item that you would like to give away to charity, you might do so by passing the items to us by contacting us at acgmalaysia@gmail.com.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Part 1 - Annual Craft Workshop & CFC session

The annual craft workshop and CFC (Crafting For Charity) session was a success! Not only we produced a lot of small nicely made handmade items to give away for charity fundraising, a lot of participants got to acquire new craft making techniques and everyone has something special to share, whether it's their life experience, crafting ideas or simply helping out other participants with the projects they are working on.

A surprise visit from Turkish ceramic and creative soap artist, Meryem Buhari who made two crochet items for our CFC!
You can check out more of Meryem Buhari's works, here.

SAT 7 Dec 2013 -  Wire Bits CFC session by Mastura of Whimsicalnquirky.com.my 


This was followed by - Rose Pendant Wire Jewellery workshop by Whimsicalnquirky 

And then,  Hardanger Embroidery workshop by Zalita M. Nor of Lilhoneycollection.blogspot.com (photos pending)..

SUN 8 Dec 2013 -  Basic Crochet CFC session by MisfydKrafts
Participants for the basic crochet workshop were very lucky to receive a free copy of the first edition of "Jahitan Crochet" sponsored by the author herself, Lina A.R. Thank you Lina for your generosity,
it was indeed a nice gift!

Look at all the lovely items they made out of their mini crochet projects. The buttons  used to embellish  it were donated by Shah's Craft :)  TQ 

Folded Roses CFC session by Umi Kalsom Ismail

The huge amount of roses produced and made into hair accessories, tagged and ready to be contributed to charity organisations. Thanks to our hard-working, creative and fun volunteer crafters :)

Next was the Floral Ribbon Embroidery workshop - Felt Heart Bunting by Umi Kalsom

Followed by Macrame with Beads Bracelet workshop by Eva Ng

So, if you would like to learn new crafts with us or show off your skills and be in the crafters circle, its not too late! Part 2 - Annual Craft Workshop & CFC session will be conducted next weekend. And since its the school holidays, bring your child along and let them be crafty too!

For more information or if you like to book a seat for the event, please visit our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/179812212216495/

Reported by Aishah  Niehus
Edited by Jane Khoo
Photo credits :  Mastura, Fid and Jane

Friday, 29 November 2013

ACG@National Textile Museum - 2013 Annual Craft Workshop & CFC session


We are very happy to continue our annual craft workshops at the National Textile Museum. This is our 3rd time there.  And since this year is also our 20th Anniversary - we are introducing a CFC session followed by 2 paid workshops. This is to allow more people a chance to visit the museum and join us in doing what we love most - crafting among frens! and for a good cause too!

What is CFC??
CFC = Crafting for Charity (FOC). Its from 10am-12noon. Crafters are invited to come and help make saleable items. We will collect back these items and give it to selected charities to support their fund-raising/charity bazaars. Our instructors are contributing their time & materials but crafters are encouraged to contribute some materials & bring their own tools, if they have any. 

10AM-12NOON    CFC SESSION =>  Come join us on to make crafts to be given to selected charities for their fund-raising efforts. Time & materials sponsored by our ACG instructors.

12.30-2.30PM & 3-5PM =>  Come learn make various type of textile & jewelry-based crafts for ONLY RM35 each. 
For the paid workshops, the RM35 fee includes instruction, materials and loan of tools. For this workshop, you can bring back your finished items. 
Our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE will provide the latest updates of the event.
7 Dec SAT
10am-12noon   - CFC with Mastura Mustaffa Whimsicalnquirky making simple wire items (FOC)
12.30-2.30pm   - Rose Pendant - Wire jewellery by Mastura (RM35)
3.00-5.00pm     - Hardanger Embroidery (Sulam cabut) by Zalita M Nor (RM35)

8 Dec SUN
10am-12noon   - CFC with MisFyfKrafts - learn to make basic crochet items. 

                         Also Umi Kalsom will be teaching folded roses (FOC)
12.30-2.30pm   - Floral Ribbon Embroidery by Umi Kalsom Ismail (RM35)
3.00-5.00pm     - Macrame with beads bracelet by Eva Ng (RM35)

14 Dec SAT
10am-12noon    - CFC with Crazeepatches making hair accessories using scrap fabric, lace, buttons, beads,etc.

                          And Umi Kalsom will teach ribbon bow (FOC)
12.30-2.30pm    - Felt "Garden Friends" by SekociNorlie - Craft and Paint with Heart(RM35)
3.00-5.00pm      - Vintage Floral Ribbon brooch by Umi Kalsom (RM35)

15 Dec SUN
10am-12noon     - CFC with Eva Ng - learn & do paper quilling (FOC)
12.30-2.30pm     - Fabric Birdie soft toy / cushion by Nirwana Tuan Sariff (RM35)
3.00-5.00pm       - Beaded Brooch with Swarovski crystal by Eva Ng (RM35)

Pls email us for further info or payment details :  acgmalaysia@gmail.com

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

GMBO - Get Malaysian Business Online - RM1000 grant

To help 50,000 Malaysian micro entrepreneurs, especially women running online shops with a RM1000 grant each.

Have u applied? Just meet the following requirements

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Product safety for handmade toys

Here's some info on product safety and compliance by a US crafter. Some points are relevant to any market. Do take a look at her blog post to ensure your product is safe for kids :

This blog is also listed on our Page tab - Copyright & Safety

Monday, 21 October 2013


Photo shoot for Femme City promo @ Menara Star
In the last few years, starting with The Star's Femme City Exhibition (anyone remember this event? ) at KL
Convention Centre..

ACG has been getting offers to run workshops, hold hand-made markets, join George Town Festival (GTF) activities, invitations to arty crafty events etc.. and so WE NEED MORE MEMBERS WITH VARIOUS CREATIVE PASSIONS to come together to offer their services & skill, to increase our pool of crafters.

This year, we just had to turn down opportunities because our pool of active members are exhausted ..

Whether u are a full-time craft practitioner, artist or just a hobbyist ... there's always something u can get out of being with ACG!  If you do not do much creative work, just come join us and be an ART / CRAFT SUPPORTER... when we visit art exhibition openings, road trips to art festivals like Georgetown Festival, craft demonstrations,... Yes, u can get free invites over FB, but if u go alone, it may be a bit intimidating but going with other members, the fun doubles.

Just let us know what u like. Comment on our FB page / Kawan-kawan acg..so we can gauge what arty-crafty activities that will interest u.

So do, come for this AGM and meet up with members and if u feel comfortable with us, sign up for annual or life membership and stay in touch on Facebook. All paid members are added to a 'secret' FB group where only members are allowed. Then we can plan, discuss and inspire each other!
Our first road trip - GTF 2012 Georgetown Festival
ACG members, do encourage your FB frens to come and 'try us out' (macam beli baju pulak..hehe) at this AGM. Or forward this email to frens who may be interested. Thanks

But let's not only ask what the guild can do for u but what u can do for the guild to achieve our collective dream of putting Art & Crafts at par with other forms of creative work!  As a member, THE GUILD IS YOURS.  YOU HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR TIME / SUPPORT (by attending programmes) TO REAP BENEFITS. 

Helping our ACG member - Kedai makeover

The founding members, when officially registering the guild in 1993, envisioned the guild as supporting all kinds of creative endeavours. That is why the name is ARTS (all forms of artistic expressions) and CRAFTS (all types of hand-made items) and not Art & Craft. And the word GUILD is chosen instead of Society or Association, to stress on its role in SUPPORTING, CREATING OPPORTUNITIES, UNITING and dispelling negative perceptions. 

Sad to say, in this era there are still out-dated perceptions of art & craft as child's play and not as a form of self-expression, self-development and an effective  therapy to counter today's stressful work environment.
Happy participants of ACG's silk-screen printing workshop @National Textile Museum
But this is changing with the advent of social media, online blogshops, more disposable income for the young. Most of our members live a double life ..in the business world & in the artistic, creative world which is an excellent balance for a full life, although at times it may seem like a tug & war, coupled with family commitments. Even full-time artists have this dilemma of painting to earn a living to feed the family and painting to express themselves. But having an outlet to express one's self is important.

Failing this, in this the pressure cooker world some will find other unhealthy outlets like anti-social behaviours - smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, road rage, depression, violence or simply binge eating! (you know, overeating on KFC, cheesecake, teh tarik, ..).

In a creative endeavour, we go through process of conceptualizing, planning, creating right up to the final product. This gives the all important sense of accomplishment, in making either something of beauty (aesthetically pleasing) or of meaning (eg. a social commentary).

So to manage this wide scope of work, we have added (and still adding) separate blogs to handle more specialised areas of arts & crafts :

MAIN ACG BLOG :    http://acgmalaysia.blogspot.com/
ACG members & Malaysian printmakers arriving for 1st Macau Printmaking Triennial 2012. Also visited Gualan Printmaking Centre & Dafen Oil Painting Village in Shenzhen, China
for Malaysian print artists   -   http://printmakingmalaysia.blogspot.com/  
This is a compilation of 5000 word essays on Development of Printmaking from each participating countries. The Malaysian text was written by ACG president, Jane Khoo and Prof. Rahman & printed in 3 languages -English, Portuguese & Mandarin (a standard practice in all Macau official matters) and bears our guild's name.
   - moderated by myself with the help of Prof. Rahman, USM

for paper crafters                 -   http://papercraftmychallenge.blogspot.com/
   - moderated by their designer team - Eva, Namizam, Sazalina & Elsie Fun

for art & craft workshops    -   http://creativemalaysia.blogspot.com/        
   - to be moderated by ACG Programmes Coordinator.
   - Members who r run classes can list their schedules and workshop fees on this blog. This will provide a
      link between instructors & students. So if u have any up-coming classes, pls email to
      ACGmalaysia@gmail.com with the details.

Here's wishing everyone a creative week ahead!! See u on Sunday 27 October 2013!

Enjoying the band at Textile Museum's New Year Eve party 2012

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