Thursday, 22 September 2011

Jungian Expressive Arts Therapy”

(Both an educational and personal growth experience).

Dr.Diana will be giving a 5 level course in Visual Expressive Arts Therapy training from a humanistic-Jungian perspective. Working with several "art" mediums, participants will experience creating original 2 and 3 dimensional creations from the unconscious realms of their psyches. Incorporating music, movement and creative journaling will also be part of the experience.

Each of the five levels will be 15 contact hours in length (75-contact hours total). Each level will meet on a Saturday and Sunday. The levels will be conducted 6 - 8 weeks apart.

Throughout the 5 levels, the participants will explore, discover, experience and learn the following:

1. Basic Jungian Psychology and Terminology and how it relates to counseling and psychotherapy with clients of all populations.

2. The history of Expressive Arts Therapy From Jung to Natalie Rogers.

2. Blending Jungian concepts into other theoretical orientations.

3. The different tolls and materials used in the expressive arts therapy process.

4. Developing one's inner and outer witness in the processing process.

5. Framing and asking facilitative questions.

6. Working with populations such as
       abused/neglected children
       battered spouses (emotional and physical)
       victims of traumatic experiences
       high functioning people seeking personal growth
7. Expressive Arts in a group setting

The training is open to people with professional qualifications and experience in the mental health professions. 
Your commitment for all 5 Levels is important, or else other students will be taken in.  

There is a one off payment of RM 150 for the disposable art supplies that the participant can use. ..           
The dates for the Visual Expressive Arts Levels have been finalized, so here goes:

Level                            Dates                        Timings (Total of 15 hours )       
1  CLAY                      Sat 10th Sep             Sat : 3pm to 9pm = 6 hrs
                                    Sun 11th Sep             Sun: 9am to 6 pm = 9 hrs        
                                    Price (in RM)   650+ 150= 800      
                                                               (This is a one off payment for art supplies)

2  VISUAL                  Sat  12th Nov 2011   Sat : 3pm to 9pm = 6 hrs
     ARTS                     Sun  13th Nov           Sun: 9am to 6 pm = 9 hrs        
                                    Price RM 650

3  ECOLOGICAL       Sat 13th Jan 2012      Sat : 3pm to 9 pm = 6 hrs
VISUAL ARTS &       Sun 14th Jan              Sun:  9am  to 6pm = 9 hrs
                                    Price RM 650

4  MUSIC &                Sat   16th Mar 2012  Sat : 3pm to 9pm = 6 hrs
MOVEMENT              Sun  17th Mar           Sun: 9am to 6 pm = 9 hrs
                                    Price RM 650
& NEEDS                    Sat18th  May 2012   Sat : 3pm to 9pm = 6 hrs
                                     Sun19th  MaySun: 9am to 6 pm = 9 hrs
                                    Price RM 650

Total Cost to the participant :  RM 650 x 5 = RM 3250+ RM150 = RM 3400 over the year.

There is an overwhelming response for this course, to help participants decide and check their calendar; the dates have been fixed from the start.

If you would like some other dates/ any upcoming festival that is inconveniencing someone, etc….please feel free to share, lets see how we can help each other by re-adjusting the dates , ……

Continuing Education hours and certificates will be given. Dr. Diana (is from the USA), is a board certified psychologist / psychotherapist, supervisor, educator and diagnostician. This is what qualifies her to give continuing education courses and training. 15 hours will be awarded for each level.

Yes, the students will receive continuation education credit for workshops. The Malaysian  Board of Counselors recognizes this. They will also receive a certificate at the end of the training.

NO !!!!!!!! It will not make one a certified sand tray or expressive arts therapist because this takes 2 - 3 years of study beyond the masters level, several hours of internship and a ton of money.

The Good News : However, it does allow one who already has a recognized mental health qualification, to ETHICALLY use these techniques as part of their practice.

She feels these skills are very useful in adult counseling/ therapeutic work, etc. It is yet another very useful and powerful instrument in our counseling toolkit.

The venue will be at her business condo where I consult, counsel and train. Location is :

TTDI Plaza Condo
25 Floor, Block B, Unit 3
#B-3-25 Jalan Wan Kadir 3
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, 60000

To Enroll – E-mail Yun Yun at
Mobile : 016-2100 318

INFO : from Felicia Loh who is currently taking the course and ENJOYING every bit of it!

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