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Nov 4, 2013 : WTSC - Opening & Results Day, ACG's 19th Anniversary Potluck Party

SUN Nov 4, 2012 @3pm  -The weather was threatening, people called to say they'd be late. Slowly members & their guests started coming in. They quickly filled up the buffet table with all kinds of goodies and herbal tea.

Then they walked about looking at the displays, reading the storyboards, checking out the creativity & ideas of the participants.


They also watched the slide show showing ACG activities. Ah..such memories!!

To get the party going, we invited everyone to start enjoying the buffet spread. Members mingled among themselves, with museum officers and friends. Madinah, a new member came with friends who sponsored the herbal tea. She brought the two most popular cakes - Red velvet & Dark chocolate cake.

The opening began at 4.30pm. Janet Tee, Director of the National Textile Museum was our gracious host and also the guest-of-honour.

Thanks to Mariam Jutta for our celebration cake! German Apple plum cake

 The  RESULTS ! ..... ?

But right after this .. for the WTSC participants -

...Surprise 'goodie bags' - selected, stuffed with goodies only crafters would love!

 ... fabric swatches, fabric tape, wooden buttons, crocheted motifs, skeins of coloured thread, a pair of broderie anglaise collar, strips of vintage lace, something blue & fluffy and a creative letter opener (maybe useable as thread snipper or back-stabber??).  Partly from my own treasure trove, my retro stuff!  Crochet motifs are from my PhD days.... Projects half-Done!

So yet..another challenge - what can you do with these?

OK, okay.. NOW the RESULTS

Opening the RESULTS envelop..

The second runner up is Kak Siti Aishah (embellished bag)

First runner up ... Chromosomes  by Rafidah Anum...
White tee,  tie & dyed with crochet 'chromosomes'

The WINNER of White Tee Shirt Challenge -

Mastura Mustafa of

The Winners' Circle
Exhibition ends this Sat 17 November...
Location    :  National Textile Museum 
Time          :   9am - 6pm  

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