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Photo shoot for Femme City promo @ Menara Star
In the last few years, starting with The Star's Femme City Exhibition (anyone remember this event? ) at KL
Convention Centre..

ACG has been getting offers to run workshops, hold hand-made markets, join George Town Festival (GTF) activities, invitations to arty crafty events etc.. and so WE NEED MORE MEMBERS WITH VARIOUS CREATIVE PASSIONS to come together to offer their services & skill, to increase our pool of crafters.

This year, we just had to turn down opportunities because our pool of active members are exhausted ..

Whether u are a full-time craft practitioner, artist or just a hobbyist ... there's always something u can get out of being with ACG!  If you do not do much creative work, just come join us and be an ART / CRAFT SUPPORTER... when we visit art exhibition openings, road trips to art festivals like Georgetown Festival, craft demonstrations,... Yes, u can get free invites over FB, but if u go alone, it may be a bit intimidating but going with other members, the fun doubles.

Just let us know what u like. Comment on our FB page / Kawan-kawan we can gauge what arty-crafty activities that will interest u.

So do, come for this AGM and meet up with members and if u feel comfortable with us, sign up for annual or life membership and stay in touch on Facebook. All paid members are added to a 'secret' FB group where only members are allowed. Then we can plan, discuss and inspire each other!
Our first road trip - GTF 2012 Georgetown Festival
ACG members, do encourage your FB frens to come and 'try us out' (macam beli baju pulak..hehe) at this AGM. Or forward this email to frens who may be interested. Thanks

But let's not only ask what the guild can do for u but what u can do for the guild to achieve our collective dream of putting Art & Crafts at par with other forms of creative work!  As a member, THE GUILD IS YOURS.  YOU HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR TIME / SUPPORT (by attending programmes) TO REAP BENEFITS. 

Helping our ACG member - Kedai makeover

The founding members, when officially registering the guild in 1993, envisioned the guild as supporting all kinds of creative endeavours. That is why the name is ARTS (all forms of artistic expressions) and CRAFTS (all types of hand-made items) and not Art & Craft. And the word GUILD is chosen instead of Society or Association, to stress on its role in SUPPORTING, CREATING OPPORTUNITIES, UNITING and dispelling negative perceptions. 

Sad to say, in this era there are still out-dated perceptions of art & craft as child's play and not as a form of self-expression, self-development and an effective  therapy to counter today's stressful work environment.
Happy participants of ACG's silk-screen printing workshop @National Textile Museum
But this is changing with the advent of social media, online blogshops, more disposable income for the young. Most of our members live a double life the business world & in the artistic, creative world which is an excellent balance for a full life, although at times it may seem like a tug & war, coupled with family commitments. Even full-time artists have this dilemma of painting to earn a living to feed the family and painting to express themselves. But having an outlet to express one's self is important.

Failing this, in this the pressure cooker world some will find other unhealthy outlets like anti-social behaviours - smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, road rage, depression, violence or simply binge eating! (you know, overeating on KFC, cheesecake, teh tarik, ..).

In a creative endeavour, we go through process of conceptualizing, planning, creating right up to the final product. This gives the all important sense of accomplishment, in making either something of beauty (aesthetically pleasing) or of meaning (eg. a social commentary).

So to manage this wide scope of work, we have added (and still adding) separate blogs to handle more specialised areas of arts & crafts :

ACG members & Malaysian printmakers arriving for 1st Macau Printmaking Triennial 2012. Also visited Gualan Printmaking Centre & Dafen Oil Painting Village in Shenzhen, China
for Malaysian print artists   -  
This is a compilation of 5000 word essays on Development of Printmaking from each participating countries. The Malaysian text was written by ACG president, Jane Khoo and Prof. Rahman & printed in 3 languages -English, Portuguese & Mandarin (a standard practice in all Macau official matters) and bears our guild's name.
   - moderated by myself with the help of Prof. Rahman, USM

for paper crafters                 -
   - moderated by their designer team - Eva, Namizam, Sazalina & Elsie Fun

for art & craft workshops    -        
   - to be moderated by ACG Programmes Coordinator.
   - Members who r run classes can list their schedules and workshop fees on this blog. This will provide a
      link between instructors & students. So if u have any up-coming classes, pls email to with the details.

Here's wishing everyone a creative week ahead!! See u on Sunday 27 October 2013!

Enjoying the band at Textile Museum's New Year Eve party 2012

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