Art vs Craft?

-- What is ART?
-- What constitutes ART?
-- How does one judge the value of ART?
-- Is ART important?  
I-SKE Model
What does it mean to be artistic? To what extent is it learned? For many, art is meant to instill a myriad of emotions in the beholder, such as beauty, awe, surprise, sadness,anger, and even disgust. Some artworks generate feelings rather quickly, while others depend on elaborate thought and knowledge. 

Actually, our response to art always depends on what we know—which includes factual knowledge about the world, cultural knowledge, knowledge gained from personal experiences, and even knowledge about the art process itself. 

.... In my explorations of the psychology of aesthetics—both in terms of my photography and scholarly ventures—I have come to appreciate that our art experience is a whole-brain issue, and as the I-SKE model suggests, we must consider how an artwork drives all three components of this experience: sensation, knowledge, and emotion. For artists and the creative process, it may be worthwhile to consider this model as well, as it seems that artworks work best when they amplify all three components in the beholder. 

Arthur P. Shimamura, Ph.D.

According to Oscar Wilde, "The Secret of Life is in ART”
ART  has been defined as the STUDY OF BEAUTY and since the evolution of Man from the animal kingdom, we have been keeping ourselves busy painting walls in caves, on animal skins, making clay works, etc. and to my understanding art is a natural way of expression like that of a bird singing. The bird, whether it is an eagle or a sparrow, is not taught where or when to sing but instinctively knows how rather than trying to sing or when it should sing.
Likewise, I like to think LIFE is quite similar to a grand master project like that of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel; it is a complex art in progress. We may have planned and dreamed of  wonders, but what really actualized can be full of surprises if we are persistent to endear and the apparent ‘mis-takes’ may turn out to be the discovery of the century like penicillin, blue cheese, etc. and most importantly what makes you happy.
My point is I like to be able to capture the CREATIVITY OF THE MOMENT and strive towards a ‘wow’ effect where the viewer can be mesmerized for a brief moment in looking at childlike texture and glaze of my ceramic works and the spontaneity of organized mess in my arts! 
It is a wonderful sensation when you are engaged in that electric fuzzy sensation which best experienced when you are in love or are captivated and inspired.
It is through this that reflects the infinity or divineness in us as we are all connected with the Universe as German Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche puts it, Art is essentially the affirmation, the blessing, and the deification of existence
As human beings, we are told we are made up of the same particles as that of the stars in the Universe … this is also the secret of life as we become CREATOR OF OUR OWN LIFE EXPERIENCES. We have the choice to choose and what we can make beautiful from a plain cloth, clay and whatever materials we can lay our hands on; even expressions of emotions into music, songs and dances. Thus, if we allow ourselves we can manifest our own GREATNESS IN SIMPLE THINGS…
“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower,
 Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.”     William Blake

 (Contribution from former ACG member, Dhyana Low)

-- If art is art, what then is craft?
-- When does a crafted item become art?
"Craft becomes art when the work does not carry a utilitarian function. A vase is a vase no matter how we decorate it. To make good craft we need skill but to make good art we need creativity and skill. How we create a piece of work that has all the elements of art and can disturb a space... this is the challenge of producing good art! " 
-  Cindy Koh, (ACG President 2009)   

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