Where is National Textile Museum?

Have u been to the National Textile Museum, near Dataran Merdeka in KL? 

Agro Bank on the left and Dayabumi on the right

- Drive coming from Jalan Tuanku Abdul Razak (Jln TAR) pass the Abdul Samad Building (on your left) & Dataran Merdeka (on your right) and pass the traffic light.  It's the Moorish -looking building just before Dayabumi (white tall building in the foreground in photo below)
Left : Abdul Samad Building, Centre : National Textile Museum

* Enter to Dayabumi carpark via Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin (road next to National Textile Museum)

Entrance to the museum, from Jln Sultan Hishamuddin and entrance to the Dayabumi carpark, just after the museum building

* Entrance to Dayabumi carpark from old KTM back road going towards Central Market. Just b4 Central Market, keep left & turn into Pejabat Pos parking area that has sign leading to Dayabumi. Park where u can see the road parallel to the river. Walk out to this small acess road and the museum is at the end of the road.). THIS ROUTE TEMPORARILY CLOSED FOR A FEW MONTHS FOR RENOVATION

Under Dataran Merdeka itself.  Yes, it's opened again, after the big flood that destroyed the underground tenants - Actors Studio & Dama Orchestra's library, restaurant and tens of cars parked there. Enter from the small road beside Royal Selangor Club & the old church. Check the rates, though. Only for short visits.

Central Market carpark. Also quite steep parking charges.

Behind Abdul Samad Building, facing the historic Sg Kelang/Sg Gombak meeting of the estuary that gave rise to the 'village' of Kuala Lumpur. Limited.

Best advice is to take the LRT. Stop at either :

#1 From Masjid Jamek LRT Station
Walk pass Masjid Jamek (mosque) entrance, pass by Karyaneka & a few restaurants (opposite u will see OCBC building) towards Dataran Merdeka. At traffic light junction, turn left & walk pass Abdul Samad Building to the next traffic light. The museum is just at the junction. Cant miss it.

#2 From  Central Market / Pasar Seni LRT Station

Walk right through the Central Market to the end, where there are many artists studios (CM Annexe), turn  to the left. Walk through the corner Indian Mamak shop, turn left & cross the bridge to Agro Bank (Bank Pertanian). Next to the bank is The Glass Foyer area of the National Textile Museum.

See Central Market in the foreground?
Walk towards Dataran Merdeka. The museum is at the crossroad/traffic light junction

Look across the road, you will see this and The Staits Timber building after this

Glass Foyer entrance to the Textile Museum
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