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Creative Collective 1993-2018 - Last segment of virtual exhibition

For the final segment of our Virtual exhibition, we present the works of 2 former ACG members from the early days and an ardent tatter...





Hi, I'm David Cheah and I was a member of ACG in the mid/late 90s but I have not been an active member since then as I am often travelling and  I do not use Facebook. 

I am an architect turned multi-media artist and creative consultant. I work extensively with textiles and enjoy the layering, physically and metaphorically, of designs, techniques and ideas drawn from various influences and traditions. Possibly because of my 'Peranakan' heritage, I am drawn to the interconnectedness of cultures, art and crafts and have a firm belief in the quote that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.



 On Lily Pond

INDIGO exhibition at George Town Festival 2014

Dr. Loh Hon Ming, prefers to work with mixed media using materials such as paper, plaster, plastic, assemblage of prefabricated discarded items, mounted on hardboard  

He uses these to bring together a visual assemblage. He likes to work with different materials as the textures, and the three dimensionality  give visual interest to the composition .

Hi, I am Wan Faizon Wan Yusoff, also known as Jon Yusoff in my online profile. For craft-related, I am Tat-a-Renda, the owner of a Facebook page of the same name.

The name Tat-a-Renda is a play of my craft, Tatting which is a style of lace. Renda is the term that we in Malaysia use for lace. The person who makes tatting is caller a Tatter and the verb for tatting is to tat.

Tatting is usually made with thread, usually fine thread. The basic tools used is either a shuttle or a tatting needle.

I have been tatting seriously for almost 18 years. There was no teacher when I first started, so I learn from tatting booklets then. Learning becomes easier with the internet as you can reach out to other tatters from all over the world to ask questions about techniques and patterns. Even then, some still consider tatting as a dying craft since you don't get to see other tatters much, especially so in Malaysia. However, a search online using the word 'tatting' will dispel this idea that it is a lost art. On the contrary, tatting continues to evolve as new techniques are developed to by innovative tatters to enrich this craft.  I hope that my Facebook page, Tat-a-Renda will contribute in some small part towards this evolution of tatting.

There are lots of video tutorials on how to tat from the internet, as well as free patterns shared by generous tatters. But, as with most crafts, it does help to understand better with a teacher.


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Creative Collective 1993-2018 continues.... Virtual exhibition 2.0

Welcome to the second phase of our online exhibition with more ACG members. Presenting -





Lee Jo Anne was introduced to crochet at the age of 13 and has always been in awe with fine lacy characteristic of crochet. Over time she improved her skill and technique by making various crochet items. Recently she is exploring crochet in fiber art form. She combined her experience in crocheting, creativity and passion for art to successfully create 4 separate notable artworks which are:
  •  “The Blue Sun” displayed at Green Market (Medan Pasar, Pasar Seni) – 2017
  •  “Dream Big” displayed in an art studio (Izipizi Craft) – Jan, 2018
  •  “Lollipops” for Kaka Arts Market (Commune Sunway Velocity) – March, 2018
  •  “Somewhere In Time” 3 parts series for What AI Didn’t Tell You Group Art Exhibition, curated by People Ideas Culture (CafĂ© 55) – May, 2018

 Artist Aspiration
Art has long been in the community but it is rarely being created using fiber. She is determined to use her vast knowledge of fiber materials to produce more fiber art masterpiece. By doing so, she hopes to increase public awareness on the enormous potential of fiber art. She also wishes to inspire more fiber artists to join hands in promoting fiber art to the world and realizing its potential among the many art forms.

Success in promoting fiber art would create another platform for aspiring artist to explore and venture in the future. She is looking forward for more opportunity to create various fiber art masterpieces and hope that one day be able to contribute to the country’s art gallery.

 “The Blue Sun”
38 in x 53 in
Fiber on metal frame

 “Dream Big”
59 in x 51 in
Fiber on wood frame

24”-26” diameter
Fiber on rattan frame

 “Somewhere In Time” 3 parts series
Part One, The Garden
8 in x 8 in
Fiber on canvas

Part Two, The Wall
14 in x 18 in
Fiber on canvas

Part Three, The Maze
24 in x 30 in
Fiber on canvas 
Wedding Anniversary
12 in x 16 in
Fiber on canvas 

FB page       :   Zeleny Craft
Medium      :   Wire jewellery, jewellery making, paper craft (red packet lantern), paper cutting

I have always liked crafting since young.  So, I became a crafter in 2010.  Most of my wire-making knowledge, I learned from books and attended a wire jewellery class once, conducted by ACG.  In year 2012 I started to sell my jewellery.  

I mostly spend my  time in crafting in the afternoon or night when my son is not around.  Next year, I will start workshops to teach wire jewellery-making.

“Sekoci” is the Malay word for bobbin, and Norlie is what I am always known of. Why I choose bobbin? Apart for sounding ‘cute’, “sekoci” also symbolizes my passion in sewing. Bobbin is an integral part of a sewing machine, and as much as the machines couldn’t live without the bobbin, I believe I have the same amount of passion in sewing too. Yes my branding is SEKOCINORLIE.

My full name is Norliza Samingon, 39 years old and join ACG 9 years ago (2009).  I’m the writer of craft book Variasi Hiasan Bunga Felt, which has been published on 2015. I’m unpredicted crafter. I love all type of art…but now I’m focusing on   creative sewing project and computerized embroidery.
I strongly believe that items that are made with love are the items that will be appreciated most. I create with love. Each item that I made is always made from the heart. I spend a lot of time creating and perfecting my items. I focus on details, quality, and trying to create something unique, that you won’t find somewhere else. I try my best to make my craft different from others crafters so they would me more personalized, exclusive and unique.

SekociNorlie - Craft and Paint With Heart

Customised hand bouquets
for weddings

My Felt-making book  

Towel keepsakes

A person from crafty background, Ellie Ng have been active into home crafts and drawing since childhood. Influenced by her mother who does dressmaking when she was little, she studied Diploma in both Fashion and Textile Designing. 

Since graduated in the year 1999, she became skillful in her dressmaking, pattern drafting and needlework in more than 20 years. But her crave for knowledge in crafts have never cease..therefore, she learnt many different type of crafts till this day and became a Fashion Designing, Arts and Crafts Instructor in the past 11 years, and also a Painter or an Artist part of her time.

Welcome to Opening of Creative Collective 1993-2018 (Virtual Exhibition)

Presenting 5 ACG members and their creative works :






~~ a Master Potter, Sculptor, Hypnotherapist and Coffee Lover.
She is the founder of Clay Expression pottery studio located in Subang Jaya. Her studio is a pottery learning center established in year 2000.
Her passion for pottery remains unchanged as she discovered her love for coffee in year 2014. She now integrates her passion in pottery and sculpting with metal into creating art forms for brewing excellent cups of coffee.
T +6018 299 9054 M +6012 380 5505 E W
Follow her on Clay Expression Facebook and Instagram (clay expression_my) for latest promotions and updates.

I'm Surya (Our Crafty Empire in Facebook and Instagram). I've been a quiet member of ACG for 3? 4? years now. I'm a lifelong crafter.

My mum taught me origami when I was 2, to keep me occupied so she could do her work. I haven't stopped since. I crochet, knit, sew, embroider, tat. If it involves fabric, yarn, or paper I've probably tried it.
Now I'm trying to pass on some of the crafty love to my teenage kids. We make things together and sell them at booths.
The making teaches them joy. The selling teaches them about life. Crafting has kept me busy, sane and happy my whole life. Hopefully I'll be crafting more with ACG for years to come.

I was raised in Kuching, Sarawak. As I grew in a beautiful and creative surrounding, my mother who was always experimenting with different type of crafts which exposed and inspired me to try and learned various craft type when I was small. The one that I was really hooked was crochet which I first learned from my mother.
I love working with fiber and yarn, I think being able to manipulate a single yarn to make something extraordinary suit my nature that loves hands on work. I believe, my crochet needle is my brush, my colour yarn are my paint. Creating accessories and art gives me a chance to spend my time differently from my current 9-6 of work. Being a crafter has allowed be to explore my creative side while mostly being more analytical thinking at day.
I like to think my work is themed around modern design crochet. I would look to combine to my crochet work with other method such as hand sewing, machine sewing & embroidery. For accessories creation, I am always looking for simple but “wow” design that no one has done before. I also love creating biology related themes in my art pieces. Recently I’ve gone into machine embroidery work and leather accessories and as well.
I’ve started MisFydKrafts since 2010 to channel my creativity. MisFydKrafts specialise in personalised handcrafts, with includes custom crochet baby accessories (beanies, booties, headbands), crochet adult accessories (beanies, headgears etc), machine embroidery badge/tag and leather accessories (key fob, bracelet etc).


My handmade craft biz runs under the name Zarina Craft. I have dabbled in many products including hand dyed threads (for fine crochet and tatting).
My specialty is making keepsake or memory quilts. The customer will provide me with clothes (usually baby clothes) for me to make into a quilt.
As of December 2017, I have started a new venture in sewing lingerie. My main focus is to run workshops to empower women to make their own brassieres that fit each individual body.


Having great appreciation for anything artistic and creative, I like to learn different types of crafts and painting.
A beginner cello player and an avid cross-stitcher and anime fan, immersing myself in all these activities is my greatest joy and a form of ‘healing’.
I am passionate about cross-stitching, music and reading. Recently just started on (cake) flower piping, and find it a very inspiring form of art.

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