Tuesday, 29 September 2009

ACG members ... Reunited!

Due to short notice & the long Raya holidays, many members called to say that they could not make it. However for those who came and those who were already there (at Annexe Gallery as vendors), the meet-up was a blast!

It was a reunion of sorts for long-time members.
We visited the on-going Art For Grabs bazaar, stall after stall of wonderful, imaginative, truly creative craft works There was a stall of miniatures - all delicately hand-made.  Another had little 2"x2" ceramic tile painted in bright lively motifs.

Cindy, our President (in orange) shared a stall with another member, Fauzi and introduced her new line of 'yoga' ceramic sculptures.
We found new friends who share our love of art & crafts.  In our excitement to take photos, we literally bumped into our new friend, Sweeli, because we were repeatedly knocking down her Chubi-Chubi toys. Those were the cutest stuff toys made from socks, knitted gloves and scraps of fabric. What an innovative idea & eco-friendly too!  Must get to join our Facebook group :)   http://musewoman.blogspot.com/2009/04/characters-from-closet-creatures.html

We were supposed to meet at Gerai OA, but with so much creativity around, it was difficult to round-up all the gang.
Oh well, since members were busy manning their stall, I had to conduct a one-to-one meeting & up-dated Adlis on our up-coming activities.  Then phone rang and another member to say that she could not make it as she was manning her stall at Amcorp Flea Market - so likewise, I gave her a gist of our meeting proposal, which was to accept & fix date to attend the Starhill 2009 Art Festival to be held from 1 Oct - 31 Oct. We were invited to come over by Philip Wong, a long-time member, who now manages ArtSeni Gallery at Starhill. He will give us a guided tour of the exhibits, plus a talk & demonstration on his latest art work.  His medium is glass & glass paints.  And being such a gracious host, he will prepare some refreshments too.

The only thing now was to find a suitable time for the visit. Our Guild's dilemma is unique. Since members come from all walks of life but bonded by a love of arts & crafts, it is difficult to fix a day where everyone can come. For those  members with 9 to 5 day jobs, meeting on weekdays are out.  For the crafters, many of their workshops & bazaar days are held on weekends.  So, hopefully, a workable compromise would be Friday evening  around 5pm (if the weather & traffic jams don't get in the way!)

Anyway, by 5pm we finally made our way down to CM for some snacks & coffee at Old Town Coffee which had wi-fi.  There, we checked out our ACG Malaysia website, entered Facebook & wrote comments about today's meet-up.

Phew, for those who answered my SMSes but could not come. Don't worry as there many more opportunities to get-together & explore the creative side of us all. So, stay in touch. Do check this blog/website often or better still get into Facebook & join our FB group! 

Just search for ACG Malaysia and join!

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