Friday, 23 October 2009

ACG's visit to Starhill Art Festival

It was a busy Friday afternoon but some ACG members managed to come on time (they took the monorail!) for the visit to Philip Wong's ArtSeni Gallery at the Muse Floor, Starhill, Bukit Bintang. This is in conjunction with Starhill's Art Festival throughout the month of October 2009.

Even before you enter Starhill, you are welcomed by an array of sculptures by Yusof Ghani (curator) and other artists. On entering the front door, Eng Tay's sculpture stands in attendance beckoning you in to explore the numerous sculptures, strategically placed in all over this exclusive shopping haven.

Some of the wonderful sculptures

We met up with Philip who welcomed us & gave us a tour of his own works centred around his study & interpretation of the 'Human Mind', in the context of the concepts of LOVE, FAITH & HOPE.
By the way, we all like your transparent, hand painted necktie

His 'Human Mind' artwork also included an 'interactive' installation! How so?
The viewer is first asked to enter a chamber to view a lighted painting.

Then, the viewer is asked to tie strings linking any point of the installation to another point... the lines created are interpreted as one's impression & way of thinking. What surprised Philip was that some of his visitors had gone 'out of the box' (installation) and tied strings in other adjacent places (namely, a box placed near the actual installation)!

Then, its back to ArtSeni Gallery.

I like this. To me this is 'real' art - the use of everyday objects in artful ways , Maria exclaims!

Philip gave each of us a set of 'butterflies' hand-painted by him using glass paints on plastic sheeting.

We then presented him a pair of ceramic figurines aptly called "Namaste", as a gesture of our thanks for being a generous host! - generous with his time, effort, gifts & sharing of experiences.

Later, more members turned up, so Philip gallantly brought them around for the tour...

We then lingered around, got to know each other better and strolled into the other adjacent galleries.

World's Most Beautiful Book - "Michelangelo, La Dotta Mano" (The Learned Hand) was presented to YTL's Tan Sri Francis Yeoh by the Fondazione Marilena-Ferrari, Italy in appreciation for his worldwide contribution as a true patron of the arts.

The cover features an exact replica of Michelangelo's "Madonna of the Steps" carved from marble of the same quarries which Michelangelo himself used in his work. All pages are hand-made according to centuries-old tradition - its measurement according to Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio - representing the universal law of harmony.

To view the pages, one has to don white gloves (ala Michael Jackson) ...

We also had an enlightening chat with Ms Liew of The Gallery @ Star Hill who spoke about encouraging artists to constantly improve and be professional in their art. Be honest. Is this the best you can do? Can you do better?

Of course, all ACG outings are never complete without some refreshments, courtesy of Philip. Off we headed for Eddy's Cafe... satay & rojak were Philip's recommendation, and also 'Teh tarik" in a pot!

Conversations are the foundation of understanding, bonding and camaraderie. New members we just met were already on the way to be coming art buddies!!

Eventually, everyone said their goodbyes and four of us made our way to the monorail, BUT before that, another look the sculptures outside the Starhill, which by now was casted in shadow as it was way past 8pm. Light & darkness add depth...

Frankie shared his views & assessments of the sculptures & hoped that ACG will continue to be a vehicle for like-minded art lovers like us to come together & share!

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