Sunday, 2 May 2010

AGM 2010 @Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis

On April 11, 2010, we had our Annual General Meeting to elect the 2010 Committee, who will be running the Guild, creating awareness, activities & connecting members. Although the turnout was small, it was a happy event where members get to re-connect with old friends and make new ones too. It was a balanced group of long-time members, new Facebook-derived members and new members introduced by existing members.

The group would have been larger but inevitably the date coincided with members other life events - 3 members were getting ready to fly overseas on that very day (they called to apologise and promised their support of the Guild); a few had deadlines to meet - rushing to complete clients commissioned work; and family obligations. These are expected, for CREATIVE people have irregular schedules. Work comes at various times. Most are very busy on weekends - bazaars, conducting classes, and tending to their shop/businesses. Personal, family life also plays a factor.

So, how do we manage members of various commitments?

Online communication has helped alot. - Facebook, email, websites, blogs & sms help members stay in touch. That is why, last year we put all these in place. It took many hours (sleepless hours, as most of us have day jobs), much effort and trial & error. Luckily the learning curve was not too steep. We visited art & craft fairs to meet new members, to see the current artistic trend & be more informed. We took photos, passed around pamphlets & chatted with artists, crafters, sellers, & organisers. We visited Art For Grabs & Pipit Market (@Annexe Gallery, next to Central Market, KL), Starhill's Muse floor where prominent art galleries reside (was invited by a long time member who runs a gallery & holds exhibitions there), Karyaneka @Jln Conlay, KL (during HKK-Hari Kraf Kebangsaan), and met with Art Malaysia, who played host to our Annual General Meeting 2010.

Our newly elected committee (for 10 positions as laid out in our Guild's Constitution) comprises of :
* President
* Vice-president
* Secretary
* Treasurer
* Membership Coordinator
* Newsletter (& Website) Editor
* Publicity Coordinator
* Programmes Organiser
* Workshop Organiser
* Hospitality

We will be coming up with our activities & programmes plan soon.

If you'd like to follow our activities, do join our Facebook Group : search for ACG MALAYSIA.

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