Sunday, 11 July 2010

KL Tower - Watercolour workshop's Facilitator

I met Jessrine Liew about 15 years ago, at ACG's annual art exhibition. I was enthralled by Jessrine's watercolour art works. Her pieces were light and happy portraitures of plants. It shows the delicate nature of watercolour.

Jessrine Liew has been involved in Children Art and Craft for more than 20 years. She started off when one of her church friends invited her to teach art at her Music and Art center in Kepong near her home after noticing her talent.

She began to like it and derived much joy working with children. To improve herself, she enrolled herself at a college doing Fine Art full-time and attended numerous Art Education workshops. She also did a distance-learning course on Creative Art from School of Art, Glasgow and did extensive research on the subject she loved.

Throughout her 20 years, she had been invited to organize and judge numerous art contests for children. She also runs a home based Art Studio teaching children art when her children ( 2 daughters) were younger. To date she has taught around 500 students ranging from pre-schoolers, primary and secondary school students to school teachers who wanted to improve themselves.

Armed with another diploma in Early Childhood education, she then worked in a child-care center near her home and continued to run her Art classes. Now that her children are grown up, she is no longer attached to the centre.

Currently, she is based in an international school, assisting children with their art activities.
At a workshop organize by Association of Registered Child-Care Providers Malaysia (PPBM)
Jessrine Liew demonstrating real fish printing
Due to her vast experience, occasionally she will be invited to share her knowledge with child-care providers and kindergarten teachers on art activities by the Association of Child–Care Operators, a non-profit organization.

Demonstrating marbling painting
Jessrine is very grateful to The Arts & Crafts Guild KL & Selangor for granting her exposure especially in exhibiting her art works at numerous art galleries throughout KL and Selangor.
“Its time now for me to do something for the guild to make it active again and I hope this watercolor workshop will receive good response from the public.”

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