Wednesday, 14 July 2010

What's ACG?

To first-time visitors to our blog,

The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor (officially registered in 1993)

We are a group of artists, crafters & art enthusiasts who share a passion for creative arts.

Some are full-time artists,others - working people with day jobs but turn creative souls during weekends at bazaars, exhibitions, workshops, Some just love to mix with creative people but yet to find their medium of expression! Others are supporters of the arts.

If you'd like to meet us, come this 17 July(Sat) to the KL Tower Nature Walk & Watercolour painting workshop. The guided, Nature Walk is FREE. H2O colour workshop is only RM25 per per person, FREE for ACG members. ACG membership fee is paid annually - RM35 (valid til Dec,2010). Open to anyone, >18 years old. Add RM5 to use our materials. Email : to register your attendance. Workshop is limited to 20 persons. Nature walk is open to all.

Even if u are not into painting, come for the NATURE WALK. Zul, the guide is a naturalist and very knowledgeable about the forests. We meet at 10.30am at the Nature Walk office (next to pony rides & carpark). After a short briefing,the walk will start EXACTLY at 11am because his has to keep to his schedule. Guided nature walks are on 4 times a day, every day (with different guides) and its free. Only after the walk which ends at a clearing - activities area, then do we start the workshop (which is held 17 July Saturday only).

Watercolour is a beautiful medium. Just using water, we can blend & play with colours.

No matter what activities ACG has, when members get together, there's always an explosion of ideas, exchange of contacts & making of friendships. Why I like about ACG (I've been with ACG since mid 1980s) is that there is no boundary - young or old, amateur or professional, self-taught or art school grads.. CREATIVITY & PASSION binds us!

Be prepared to stay for sometime cos there's so much to know about each other. Each member does a different craft or painting medium. Each has a different artistic life journey...
And food is a tradition at ACG. We always have potluck. Each member brings a little food to be shared. But, to ensure there's no heaps of rubbish, please put food in containers instead of plastic bags, water in tumblers, instead of packet drinks, own cutlery instead of disposable forks, spoons, plates. The people running the place are very conscious about 'rubbish' pollution (which should be the case). Oh.. monkeys also do sometimes come to invade our food, so beware :)

Thanks for your interest OUR GUILD & ITS ACTIVITIES.

So, feel free to come walk/meet/see/talk/eat/paint!!

Jane Khoo
President of ACG

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