Friday, 15 October 2010


The Arts & Crafts again has been invited to join ParenThots (a supplement of The Star papers) for Star Kids Fair 2010. Four of our members will be conducting craft workshops for kids.

Here's the except from

Join ParenThots for crafts at Kids Fair
11 October 2010

Mark Nov 27 and 28 on your calendars and make sure you head on down to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for the Kids Fair organised by The Star.

ParenThots will have two one-hour slots on both days where children will be able to create some lovely crafts and even take part in a contest.

There will be quilling as well as crafting with recycled materials (and felt and faux mosaic). ParenThots is working with the Arts & Crafts Guild on this project.

Children who create some quilling crafts will get a chance to take part in a contest organised by ParenThots. A photo of them with their finished craft will be taken and shortlisted. The best 10 crafts will be posted on ParenThots' Facebook page. Based on the highest votes, just one winner will be chosen.

The prize? Some lovely crafts books and craft kits worth up to RM300.

Quilling artist/ paper crafter Wan Najmiyyah Wan Md Adnan said quilling is a unique art form that uses small rolls and delicate strips of paper to shape intricate designs. “It fascinates me on how simple strips of papers could be turned into complex and intriguing designs,” said Miyyah.

“Quilling is very simple, inexpensive and offers millions of design creations. You only require strips of paper (either cut or shredded) and glue. It’s a simple art form that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

“It also helps increase a child’s concentration and confidence, while allowing them to explore their artistic abilities.”

Norliza Samingon ventured into felt craft when she wanted to create personalised baby books for her children by sewing her own baby books.

“I then expanded my sewing skills to other felt crafts, such as creating hair accessories for my daughter, as well as keychains, pencil toppers and cards,” said the mother of two who is better known as Norlie.

“I’ve organised felt workshops for children and surprisingly, they enjoyed sewing, provided that they are given proper guidance.

“Sewing helps them develop their concentration and coordination skills, and improves their creativity and numeracy skills.”

Nirwana Tuan Sariff will be promoting recyclable craft in the form of faux (‘fake’ in French) mosaic. “We want to encourage people, particularly children, to look for alternative ways to reuse discarded items like women’s magazines,” she said.

The Kids Fair is open from 11am-7pm and the ParenThots' crafting slots are at:

Sat - 1-2pm on Nov 27 (quilling + contest)
Sat - 5-6pm on Nov 27 (recycled materials and felt)

Sun - 12noon-1pm on Nov 28 (quilling + contest)
Sun - 2-3pm on Nov 28 (recycled materials and faux mosaic)

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