Sunday, 4 October 2009

Next Art for Grabs Bazaar - December 2009

In the last Sept AFG Bazaar, about 1,000 people turned up to buy art, books and attend the bazaar's fringe program of performances, screenings, launches and forums. And they already had enquiries for the next one!

Since the next Art For Grabs will be happening during the Xmas Season, they are encouraging vendors to make things with the Yuletide in mind! Malaysian Xmas cards? Malaysian Xmas cookies? Malaysian Xmas art? Use the Force!

Each lot is 5 ft wide and 5 ft deep, plus the wall behind you, and costs RM100 for two days. The awesome elevated lofts in both galleries are also available at negotiable prices. What you can sell: Paintings, Photos, Prints, Sketches, Sculptures, Films, Music, Books, Zines, T-shirts, Dolls, Accessories, Recycled, Found objects, etc. You can also use the booth to promote your arts/creative business.

No second hand clothes or books, please – this is not a flea market!

Everything you sell must be valued at RM100 or less. They provide chairs but not tables.

Interested? Send an email to with the heading: "Art For Grabs December 2009".

In the email, please include:

1. Your name(s)
2. Phone number(s)
3. Photos and descriptions of the items you're selling
4. Number of lots you need

They will take down your email bookings and keep it in our records. If they like what you've got to offer, they will send you an email saying "Yes, you've been chosen!"

Closer to the date of the event, they will ask you to come in to The Annexe Gallery to pay for your stall and choose your lot, on a first come, first serve basis. (Bank transfers can be arranged for vendors living outside KL.)


A FEW FREE LOTS are available for NGOS and activists to set up booths to promote their causes and wares. Interested parties, please send your proposals to us.


The all important contact person for booking your booths is Lim Chung Wei, the gallery's Arts Manager
HP: 012-207 5140

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