Friday, 12 November 2010

Eco Carnival @ Sri Aman school

ACG, in the interest of creating awareness about conservation of our environment through recycling, agreed to help the Eco Rangers (student club) by taking part in their bazaar and also teaching the Rangers to re-use glossy magazine pages to make little sturdy baskets. (next post)

ACG took 3 booths for its members. Booth B43 for eCo-cents, B44 for Gerai OA & B45 for Sekocinorlie. Sales for that day were quite encouraging.

Besides sales we also managed to make students aware that with a little creativity, old items like a pair of jeans can be a cool bag & many more things!

The students also got firsthand information about culture & crafts of the various Orang Asli communities around Malaysia through its coordinator, Reita Rahim.

Some of our happy buyers!

It is little realised that fabric (unless 100% cotton or silk) will give off a toxic fumes when burnt as it is mainly made of synthetic (nylon-mixed) fibre.

So, clothes thrown into the rubbish heap may just remain there like most plastic bags.

So, why not be a little creative & re-use them...

eg. Denim Jeans / bags/ shirt - recycled into bags, pencil cases & pouches

Also for sale were blank bags where buyers can exercise their creativity & embellish the bag themselves!

eCo-cents a store that stocks factory overruns & pre-loved clothes for women, men, kids, winter wear & household furnishings from Japan, also believes in RE-PAKAI, RE-FASHIONing and the appreciation of FINE TAILORING of its vintage clothes.

Leftover fabric can also be turned into hair accessories

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