Friday, 25 June 2010

Art in Nature

VISIT #1 (May 14, 2010)
It began with an invitation by the operators of KL Tower's Nature Walk, a complimentary guided tour of our very own FOREST IN THE CITY!

Not knowing what to expect, I made a journey one late morning to KL Tower. I took an LRT (train) to Masjid Jamek Station, disembarked and walked towards bus-stops ext to Muzium Telekom. I just hopped on the first Metrobus,paid RM1 and got down at the next bus-stop. then walked to the entrance gate & realised that the tower base is at least a few floors vertically up. So i began my accend, walked along the winding road, up the tarmac. Tiring as it is, I was able to stop intermittently and gaze at the tall KL buildings behind this forest.

Half-way up, I noticed the availability of a free shuttle van to bring visitors up to the base of the tower. Oh, well.. it was worth the 'climb'. I then took the stairs up passing by the 'flying fox' deck.
Found the Nature trail office but time was running short as i had a job commitment to go to. So, my 1st trip was compressed into a short visit to the activities area, which looked promising as an area where ACG can hold workshops for the public & artists painting sessions.
Arranged another visit, this time with members of our ACG Committee. It was a cool Saturday. Saturday was chosen because i was told that the guide on that day, Zul is a very dedicated, well-versed and witty naturalist. So, the Nature Walk should be fun, not just a rattling on of facts & figures. But we were unable to experience it as it poured and poured when we arrived at 10am sharp! So, we did what any decent, warm-blooded Malaysian would do -- adjourned to Rainforest Cafe for breakfast! (Hmm.. somehow, all Malaysian activities have food factored in).
We had planned to have lunch there after the 45-min walk, but alas, it was not to be. But all was not lost, because this was the first time the Committee came together, so bonding was the order of the day and so was the planning of the Nature Walk exhibition & mini-workshop.

After the rain, the gang (short of time due to other commitments) made a short trip to (again) the Activities area and surveyed the area. YES! it was suitable for ACG activities.

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