Saturday, 19 March 2011

Help Japan

Hi there Members, followers and frens of ACG:

URGENT :  We r collecting socks, sanitary pads & diapers to be sent to Japan via CREST who desperately needs to fill the 2 containers they have on standby in Port Klang to be sent by Asian Tigers transportation. I have spoken to the CREST rep in Subang Jaya where our member, Joanne & MayMay will deliver the collected goods.

SAT 19/3/2011 : Today is appeal day & money can transfer $$ to ACG Maybank account (only if u trust us, ya..) so that we can go shopping to buy the stuff this evening, OR u can buy it & send to my house in PJ OR u can get the contact from us & send it yourself, if SJ is nearer to u.

Containers will be sealed & sent out very soon, that's why its such a rush. Btw, socks should be thick enuff to provide warmth in winter conditions.

Will also include this message :

# There are no words that can ease the loss you bear.

# Our heartfelt condolences are with you; at this time in life it’s important to stay strong. We know you will get through this.

# Our hearts go out to you.

# You will always be in our prayers.




SUN 20/3/2011 : Afternoon - will get together with Joanne & May May and they will send the stuff to Subang Jaya.

Will be online the whole day on SAT.  Please call  or email to  for details


Many thanks :)
from Crazee patches (president of ACG)

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