Saturday, 19 March 2011

Update: Help Japan

WED 24/2011 

Joanne called to inform that the containers are full and on the way to Japan, and to settle the accounting. There r some cash left over, and so we decided to donate it to Red Crescent Malaysia's Japan relief fund. Thanks, everyone!
MON 22/03/2011
9am   Left the house to buy some more SPs to fill the box i was packing.  Then another member, Theresa  called to donate, just in time. So i lugged 3 bags back and searched for another box to pack. We were also told to make Packing Lists of each box to facilitate the volunteers over in Japan.

12.50pm   Joanne came to pick up the 3 boxes that i packed & the Packing Lists.

5pm   She delivered the last of out stuff. THANKS , JOANNE!   She says CREST are most grateful for our contribution.  Many thanks to all for the support and prompt response.

SUN  20/03/2011
2am  :  Just finished designing the note and printing and cutting it. Have complete packing only a few. Gotta get some shut eye for tomoro (kick-boxing training in the morning). 

11 am :   Received an email from CREST, via Asian Tigers Transpo - "A door has opened  for us through a local Japanese pastor who has grassroot connection with Japanese churches in different cities. Customs clearance has been obtained for the donated goods tobe cleared and distributed by the local believers."
2pm   and it was raining constantly. Joanne & May May was still busy shopping and is now waiting for the staff at Mydin to find boxes to pack the stuff.  Her car was filled to the brim. So i suggested she go directly to CREST in Subang Jaya, instead of coming to pick the stuff on my end.

6.30pm   Mission accomplished! - Joanne texted.  Well, not quite. Poor Joanne will have to come by my house to pick up the rest of the stuff to send to CREST.

Socks individually pack in plastic with note, SPs in fibre bags that mom sewed this afternoon
SAT  19/03/2011
Was going through the Helping Angels FB site and found links to the Japanese : Socks for Japan site where there's news of the effort.

People from all over the world packing and sending socks with comfort letter. There's even sample letters u can use in English & Japanese. For those who can write Japanese, they suggest writing in English, get it translate through Google Translate but send also the original English text, & Jason Kelly's team will check & touchup the language.

9am   :  On my side, Joanne called to say that her colleague who teachers Japanese, Cik Zubaidah Ali has helped translate her English text.  Read her email.  Copied the contents and updated our Facebook sites/group/fan page.

Joanne is out busy shopping, for her family members also chipped in to buy more SPs & diapers.
Mastura, another member transferred some ringgit into ACG account to be used to buy socks & SPs, as she is on the other side of the world (Ampang, la) and a bit under the weather.

The 'loot' so far on my side.
1.30pm  :   Now, i'm trying to figure a way to send our comfort message with the other items, besides socks.  Do i repack the 30pcs, twin pack of sanitary pads (SP) that i bought yesterday?  Shall i use plastic or paper? Plastic is more durable , given the situation but will create more rubbish!  Paper might tear but is more eco & presentable.  How many pieces to put in one pack?
2.40pm  :    Ah hah! I rummaged through my late sis's stuff (she's amn ardent crafter too) & found drawstring bags sewn by her & some textured blueish fibre sheets which now mom is sewing up into little packs to put the SPs into. Five pcs (2 heavy & 3 light flow) should be ok per lady.  They can reuse the small bags later. The Apollo box is used to organise the little packets. It was leftover from my frens hantaran 'project'. So recycle it. Very 'sayang' to throw it away.  So that's how my living looks like once again.... Everytime i have a 'project' it gets messed up ..

Oh dear...gonna be busy tonite packing!
SPs in a bag for each lady who needs it
3pm  another colleague Mr & Mrs Teoh came by to deliver 2 large packs of baby diapers :)   OK, how do it repack those???  may be just send like that.  Oh.. btw, found some Ben 10, Naruto, Disney booklet of stickers (sis's stuff). Thinking of sending it too .. cheer up the kids!

Nearly 4pm... anymore donors??   Now that the size & packaging is worked out. I've got to design the Comfort card.  Ok... crafters boleh!  And soon have to go out & buy more SPs.

Have a day's gone.  It's a nice, cooling, slightly wet day but ideal for lounging around.. in Malaysia.

But wonder how the people of Japan are doing :( 

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