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Hi everyone,

Over the years we have met passionate people from all walks of life, who, no matter how busy, will make time to create either simple or elaborate crafts items. It gives them great satisfaction. Every piece is a labour of love! And when they sell it, they are spreading the love. Often, the monetary gains from the sale outweighs the actual value of the craft piece, because each piece (even in multiples) is slightly different if it is made by hand. It takes a good eye for balancing colours and shapes and nibble fingers to fashion these items plus the important factor - creativity from the heart!
Many also face criticism for 'wasting time'  and the most demeaning "can discount, or not?" and "so simple only, i also can do - why so expensive?"  Just ask Bremen W. how many needle pricks he gets and cramps from cutting to create his wonderful headgears for top fashion shows and hairbands for bazaar sales!

So, at this years' ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, we pay tribute to all our MEMBERS' CREATIVITY and CRAFTERS' SPIRIT, in particular :)

Bring your friends and family to celebrate with us on  
SUNDAY 24 APRIL, 2011 
@ eCO-Cent$     <---Click this link for MAP
33A-B, 1st floor, Block L, Taipan 2    (NOT USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya)
Jalan PJU 1A/1, Ara Damansara  (NOT near Damansara Jaya/Utama)
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor   (on the way to Subang Airport)

(if by public transport - LRT to Kelana Jaya & take taxi - flat rate RM10, will go through Lembah Subang low cost-flats and not similar to the map)

12 noon        SETUP by Crafters Exchange/bazaar and Members Showcase

1pm - 5pm    CRAFT SWAP and BAZAAR
                        * Craft Swap    (mutual exchange among crafters)
                        * Display and sales   (Open to all crafters. RM10 to book
                                                          table space, no commission taken)
                 if you like and believe in what we do, support the Guild  by
                              joining as a member (RM35 per year)
              MEMBERS SHOWCASE  
                          *  an impromptu exhibition!  
                              Get to know EACH OTHER's creative PASSION! 
                              - All ACG members r encouraged to bring some samples 
                               of their work, write up about their work & name cards(if any),
                               for networking & sharing.
                              Even better if you can confirm & send me some info so i can
                              a short writeup. Email to

                     FASHION FINDS
                          *  Support sustainable clothes consumerism. 
                               Shop for dresses/shirts/travel wear/yukata
                                from eco-Cent$ collection

                     *  POT-LUCK FOOD GALORE
                         -  in the spirit of sharing, please bring some
                            of your favourite HALAL finger food
                            to share around
                         -  ACG will provide the drinks 

           2011 starts
                     *  Ensure that u r signed up as a ACG Member for year 2011.
                     *  Proceed downstairs - only members allowed
                     *  Meeting will start EXACTLY 3PM  as we should have enough
                         quorum by then  (exactly half of ordinary members 
                         or twice no. of committee members)

An AGENDA & proper set of documents will be emailed to the current existing 2011 ACG members to give Notice of Annual General Meeting.

If you CAN'T MAKE IT to AGM, please email/send your PROXY FORM and appoint a member who is present to vote on your behalf.

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