Monday, 30 May 2011

The ACG committee meeting - 17 May 2011

We had a great turn out of seven committee members and two members -Fid & Mikko (who came as representatives for Zam - he had to work) at Chilla Cup at Subang Avenue.

And of course, there won't be a meeting without food and drinks. So we made our orders and practically had to re-arrange the whole mid-section of the cafe to accomodate all 9 of us!

And an impromptu demo.

It was a fruitful meeting and all matters on the agenda where discussed and decided on.  Adam took the minutes.

Jane had emailed us a task to do prior to the meeting. And that was to answer the ACG QUIZ (based on our ACG blog entries).  The aim was to get the committee who are mainly made up of new faces, familiarised with the Aims & Objectives of the Guild and a brief history since we ARE 19 this year!  ...Guess how many got it right  ????

A decision made at the meeting was to scout and check out 2 possible venues for future member events - The Islamic Arts Museum (next to National Mosque) and the National Textile Museum (next to Dataran Merdeka). 

And finally, after 3 1/2 hours, we completed our tasks and adjourned after taking a group photo. Oh, yes.. we re-arranged back all the chairs and tables (to the relief of the cafe staff). Actually, they were very obliging :)

Photos credit: ZarinaZA

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