Saturday, 14 May 2011

Belated - Welcome ACG (new / renewed) members!

Welcome all 2011 members! (sorry.. this seems very much belated.. ha ha)

Even before the 2011 year began, we've already had people signing up to be members. Thank you all so much for the support.  I will update our blog each time a new member joins. Receipt No. and Member's name will be listed and if one CLICKs on it, viewers will be linked to their blog/website (if u have one, or else it will link back to our blog in a loop). This is to give access & generate more traffic to our members' sites.

Hope that members will include a link back to  (like what Zarina & Miyyah did -thanks).

If you have a BLOG, i can also include in the ACG MEMBERS BLOG (see sidebar on the left) with thumbnail (small picture), so that whenever, you have a new post, we can see it. In this way all members can see what each other is doing, creativewise!


Saza's album
Some of our members at AGM, concentrating hard
Here, i would like to start a precedence, starting from new members at/since AGM. Each time a new member signs up, i will post a little welcome note & introduce the member & his/her site. I'm sure everyone will be interested in seeing each others' work or learn of their interests.
In creativity, We unite!
... from the laptop of in-coming President :)

Note :  IF  you want to stay incognito (dont' want to be shown), plse indicate in CAPS & BOLD (sorry, but sometimes, with so much to do, I may be 'blind' and overlook it.. ha ha) that u prefer not to be shown.

The following introduction was taken from each members' blog/website (as it appears but with slight amendments).  Hope you all don't  mind...

AND.. these profiles will be moved (if not already there) to the MEMBERS PROFILE tag, when new members, next week. We are still in the process of building up our Members Profile section.

Any queries/comments/changes you'd like to make to the profile, do email me at


14/5/2011   (6725)  Jon Yusoff 
"I am a housewife with a passion for TATTING and this blog is to share that passion with everyone whether a tatter or not. I hope this blog will help to tell the world that tatting is NOT lost nor dying. It is very much alive and hearty and enjoyed by lots of people around the world."

24/5 /2011  (6724)  Miyyah 
" is my way of expressing myself, and also plays the role of sharing ideas on good crafts with everyone. My paper addiction started ages ago when I was in high school, but my love for quilling started sometimes in 2004 (or was it 2005?). I love entertaining queries and sharing my crafts with others all around the world. I enjoy giving ideas for events too, be it weddings, baby announcement/shower, birthdays, tea party, graduation, girls day out etc. If you are interested in anything (tutorials, demo, orders, workshops, consultations, invitations for day out, blind dates etc, I can be contacted through email, as written below. Since I'm working full-time (doing something that I love as well), it might take a while for me to reply the mails."

24/5/2011  (6723)  Norlie 
"As you may have gathered, I love to work with felt, sew, paint and maybe knitting etc…(so many yah?) . In fact, I like to try out any new crafty or creative thing I come across, so this blog may detail other things from time to time.  'Sekoci' is the Malay word for bobbin, and Norlie is what I am always known for. Why did I choose bobbin? Apart from sounding ‘cute’, “sekoci” also symbolizes my passion in sewing. Bobbin is an integral part of a sewing machine, and as much as the machines can’t live without the bobbin, I believe I have the same amount of passion for sewing too."

24/5/2011 (6722) Sazalina 
"This is the ins and outs of me. Everything that I loves is something related to craft. But what I love the most is cardmaking! LOL. 10 years before, I just using the wrapping paper and cut all the embellishment using the scissors. Currently, I began to buy more and more stuff, adding to my collection. Hope I can share this love with everyone!"

 24/5/2011  (6721)  Namizam  
"I'm a guy who loves crafts - amigurumi, felt, quilling (& rebranding)".  A man of few words but many talents. Visit his blog :)

24/5/2011  (6720)   Zarina 
"Currently, I am into quilting and making hand dyed threads, HDTs. My other activities are routine exercises and photography. My hope is that crafters in Malaysia can be grouped together to share experiences and ideas so that handmade items are valued. You can see more of my work in my blog."

24/5/2011  (6719)   Felicia Loh
"Felicia's Art - is Visual, Vibrant,  Lovable & Facinating, specializing in creative arts, handicraft & art techniques to moderate the children mind. Art & Craft is a space that allows a child to walk-in, and CREATE their dream and passion, using handicraft is to enhance their creativity from their left & right brain.".  Read her profile...

24/5/2011  (6718)   Cindy Koh : 
I believe in bringing ceramic dreams to life... 
My ceramic works of art created by me are no longer a physical representation of the object.
It is my expression of emotions and imaginations, trying to reach unseen human layers to provoke a deep feeling of mystery. This is me.
(Cindy Koh, Bs. in Arts (Ceramics) and founder of Clay Expression.)

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