Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hi my creative friends, has agreed to SPONSOR 4 participants for an up-coming Textile & Embroidery Art course, June 2011 - Dec 2011 (once every fortnight, at least 3 hours).

VENUE :  ACG's new Fibre Art Studio @ eCo-cent$, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Thanks to eCo-cent$ for their very kind support in sponsoring us the space and providing all the amenities. We will be moving in on Tuesday 31 May, 2011.

ACG is INVITING those who are have some interest in sewing, embroidery or fabric painting & dyeing, have no formal training but very enthusiastic and committed, to send in their portfolio & a short narration of why they want to attend this course. Final selection will be decided by the sponsor, Crazeepatches.

The COURSE includes : Colour Study, Elements & Principles of Design, Design development, Embroidery techniques, Fabric manipulation, dyeing & embellishment.

AIM: Many have the passion to do crafts, but because they have no formal training, the ideas for the crafts are simply copied from magazines, books & others. So. as part of ACG's EDUCATION programme, we are starting this pioneer course to help crafters learn the basics of design & art, as a foundation to bring their craft to a higher level.

AFTER the course: you will be able to develop your own designs, choose colour combinations that r saleable (in trend) and see things in a different light. When you see a dead tree trunk, the texture, organic colour, rough lines will inspire u to sketch & develop it further into a concept for your next range of craft items.

PROJECTS : And after each lesson, each participant has to complete 2 projects (in two weeks). So, 12 lessons (in 6 months) x 4 participants x 2 projects per forthnight = 96 pieces (incl. framed fabric art, wearable art, fabric sculptures, installation & craft activism project)

Some will be selected and form ACG's PORTFOLIO. Then we will arrange for an exhibition opportunity to promote the participants.

NOTE : Although course fee is sponsored (FOC for chosen participant), participants will have to PAY for materials & equipment used.

Additional TERMS & CONDITIONS will be informed once selection is made.

Crazeepatches will be COURSE FACILITATOR for Colour study, Principles & Elements of design, Fabric manipulation and Siti Aishah Awaludin will be the INSTRUCTOR for Embroidery techniques & Design development.

Interested? We love to hear from u. So drop us an EMAIL & show PHOTOS of previous work, your BLOG/WEBSITE and tell us why u want to join this course.

Email to :

DEADLINE :  4th JUNE 2011

Thank you.

In creativity, we unite!

Jane Khoo
President of The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor

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