Wednesday, 18 May 2011

May happenings!

This month is a busy month for our committee and members.  Here r some of their activities/events.(FOR MORE DETAILS - click WORKSHOP tab at the top of the blog.)

So EVERYONE let's go support them!

14 MAY (SAT)      :   .
Beetle Bug Art Fair  (1st week) - Miyyah's Paper Quilling workshop @Castor & Pollux professional Styling Studio

15 MAY (SUN)     :
Golden Oldies @eCo-Cent$ - spent an afternoon networking with people from various professions & sharing experiences

16 MAY (MON)  :
Yatisalem's Seni Dawai Vol.2 book is out!  RM21. To order :

17 MAY (TUE)    :
ACG 1st Committee Meeting 3pm-6.30pm - a very good turnout. 7 of the 10 elected members and two 'assistants' met at Chilla Cup, Subang Avenue and we got things done, ate, had fun and planned for the coming months till end of 2011.

21 MAY (SAT)   :
Beetle Bug Art Fair  (2nd week) -  Hand-Embroidery Workshop for Beginners  (DETAILS ; click WORKSHOP tab at top of blog)

21 MAY (SAT)   :
Committee checking out the National Textile Museum-to see what are the museum's future events, view the lovely displays on costume, textile & weaving tools, etc. Any member wishing to follow - no problem. just meet there @2pm. Museum hours 10am - 6pm everyday.

23 MAY (MON)  :
A few ACG committee members will be visiting the Islamic Arts Museum (next to Masjid Negara) at 10am to see how we can make an event there.  It's one of KL's best kept secret, with its beautiful Islamic inspired garden, 12 permanent galleries- eg.costumes & textile, weapons& swords, jewellery, holy books, metalwork, ceramics, wood and an replica of  Ottoman room.

28 MAY (SAT)   :
Craft with Parenthots (section of The Star)  11am-2pm @Grd floor Tropicana City Mall, PJ -  Members (Miyyah, Norlie & Nirwana) and 2 others will be teaching the kids some 'serious' crafting! + goodies bag= contest

And CONGRATULATIONS to ACG members,  Namizam, Norlie, Miyyah who were on WHI (Wanita Hari Ini) on separate days, Fid (Quickie 8TV) and Mastura too, to promote crafts. THANKS for doing your best to make crafting known to all Malaysians. THANKS for showing the passion, the hard work and creativity needed.

I heard that traffic (visitors to the blog) for them and other blogs linked to their blog SHOT-UP multifold right after the show was aired!

... but a tip from these 'celebrities' .. don't list your hp no. or else your other half will have to vet for crank callers.

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