Thursday, 28 July 2011

Design development in Textile & Embroidery Art (Lesson 3a)

We started the class with discussion about each other's progress so far. Jane also gave us :

Outline for creating an art/craft/design work :
  1. INTENTION - what is the artist / crafter's intention, objective?
  2. CONCEPT - an overall plan - what style, media, emotive element, subject?
  3. IDEA - research the subject, what inspiration source?
  4. VISUAL - what motifs, colour scheme, materials, techniques would best convey your concept?
  5. PRACTICAL - plan the execution - eg. for textile art : source for materials & tools -> select colours - paints, threads, base fabric -> prepare / wash base fabric -> compose your picture -> trace / draw / sew -> paint / embroider / embellish
This list is of course just a guideline. Each artists have their own MO (modus operandi,.. ha ha)


We talked about creating a MOTIF? What is a motif?
A Motif is a recurring element in any design. It comprises of colours, shapes, lines, etc. 

Some of the basic styles :
  • Natural
  • Stylised
  • Geometric
  • Abstract
  • Silhoutte
  • 3D
We were given HW to research more about this and come up with a leaf & flower motif for each style!

We were also introduced to motifs in Batik. The process of translating an actual leaf into various motifs is called 'merengga'.

Then Siti took over with hands-on methods of developing a design from photographs. Participants were told to bring enlarged photocopies of leaves / tree barks / branches.

They learned how to CROP, SIMPLIFY & MODIFY to develop their own designs :

Unfortunately, that's all the time we had that day.  So the DISCHARGE PRINTING section had to be re-scheduled for SUNDAY 31 JULY 2010, 10am. Anyone wanna join us, details at the sidebar (right side of this blog =>)

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