Monday, 5 September 2011

Guess where ACG members r going this SAT 10 Sept 6pm?

Dr Aruna will explore the history of the saree and the tying of this strip of unstitched cloth, ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles among the Indian community in Malaysia. Her talk will be accompanied by a fashion showcase of this traditional draped clothing – the Saree.


Prof. Dr. Aruna Gopinath was born in Kuala Lumpur. She graduated from the University of Malaya with a B.A. degree in 1974 and was awarded the M.A. degree in 1978. Dr. Gopinath taught at the Department of History, University of Malaya since 1974 and in 2007 retired after a service of 32 years. 

She has travelled extensively and taught at several universities as a Visiting Professor in Southeast Asian Politics and Conflict Studies. She has received several awards for her contribution in the fields of history, political science and international relations. In 1991, she was a Visiting Fellow at Cornell University and also taught at both the American University and George University. She was a recipient of the prestigious British Chevenning Award in 1997 and was a Visiting Professor at SOAS, University of London; LSE; University of Oxford ; University of Cambridge; University of Hull; University of Warwicks, Coventry; University of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in 1986/7.  

She has published extensively and has written 6 books, 80 articles and 4 monographs. Dr. Gopinath is a resource person and consultant on Southeast Asian affairs with the Gordon Business School, South Africa. She is currently a Senior Fellow at the National Defence University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. She is also a trained Indian classical dancer.


Please register by replying to this email address: Syahrul at 012-6742512 / Nor Asmah at 019-3667275

The National Textile Museum is housed in a historic building of Indo-Saracenic architecture.  The Museum is flanked by the Sultan Abdul Samad building and the Daya Bumi complex at 26 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-2694 3457 / 3461
Ample parking at : Merdeka Square carpark. Dayabumi and Central Market and at the Restoran Warisan.  For directions, visit the Website:

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