Tuesday, 20 September 2011


The internet is so accessible and copying a picture or a bunch of text is only a click away

So, many people are either ignorant about plagiarism or just think it does not apply to them. Many take the shortcut way, assuming its ok because..everyone does it .. Well, IT'S NOT!

When the Internet first became popular & widespread, there is a an un-written code of conduct, called the Netiquette. Netizens abided by it or got a good telling off!

But now copying is so rampant. Not long ago, an online blogshop copied the photos off an ACG member's blog post, cropped the picture to remove the name and posted it as her own work and was accepting orders to produce these works.  When other crafters found out (it's a tight community of mainly helpful crafters), they bombarded her blog with comments 'informing' her of her outright plagiarism!

Finally, she admitted and asked for forgiveness, only after many crafters complained. Wonder if she's remorseful or still thing it's a small problem only - why so much fuss..hmm

Was it ignorance? She didnt know she was doing anything wrong? I think NOT becos she 'consciously' cropped out the original crafter's name (but done sloppily. We cold still see part of the logo).

But having said this, some 'copying' / plagiarism cases r not so clear case. So, below is an extract from a site discussing this issue :

[THANKS, NAMIZAM for sharing this]--- Inspiration or plagiarism?

T.S.Eliot said: “Immature poets imitate, mature poets steal. Bad poets deface what they take from great poets and transform it into something better, or at least different”.

We are not poets, but the theory is right. Inspiration works only if, eventually, we can create something totally ours. If not better, at least different. Is fine then make “copy“ on that page and paste it on our Photoshop, but only if our intent is to absorb the techniques and author style, understand and adapt to our project. What impressed you so much? How is this nuance? Just trying, approaching, comparing our results with the original, until we get the desired effect. In this way we can no longer talk about plagiarism but study, case study for the accuracy, because only testing can learn and improve our skills.

How to take inspiration, but without copying?


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