Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dec 31, 2011 - Street Party for the Homeless

We learned from Facebook that Reach Out was organising a New Year Eve Street Party for the homeless around KL.

So we texted all our members & some friends too. We brought goodies, which we were asked to hand out to the people who came. We gave out chocolates, biscuits, cookies but the most favourite were the little pudding cups which we only bought a few.

Note to self - when feeding many people, better to buy quantity of the same thing than to buy variety as everyone will want one of each type.  And it was sad to have to refuse them because of lack of stock.  Some old ladies came and asked for the cookie containers.

Unfortunately, we also had people who were not in dire straits who came and unshamelessly lined up for the free food. Free-loaders. I recognised a lady who worked & stayed in PJ and she came with some friends to help themselves. They didnt know whom this party was for?..Hmmm..

It was heart warming to notice a lot of young people who came and helped serve the homeless and even gave them a smile, joked and sang for them. Some volunteers also came with children in their early teens to teach them compassion. Among those homeless who came were middle-aged men and older ladies .Having been in this situation for so long, it's sad to see them disorientated and mentally distressed.

And there was a man who was previously in this situation but with Reach Out.Org's help managed to get out of this situation, built a business and now comes to help out whenever there's street feeding.

We talked to the man himself, Pete who started the organisation with his wife and a few friends. If i recall correctly, he said that he was driving around late one nite and saw with his own eyes how people were simply sleeping on the five-foot way of shops & banks. This prompted him to do buy some food and place it discreetly by the side of a the sleep 'client's, as he prefers to call them. To a hungry person, when he smelled the warm food, he quickly woke up & had his fill, probably the only proper meal he had. That spurred Pete on. And now he and his volunteers have made a serious commitment to delivery packets of food regularly to as many as they can find sponsors, everyday around midnite, except Fri which is earlier. Thursday is off-day as feeding is done by another private charitable group.

When we noted that there seems to be more men at the street party, Pete said that whenever he sees families or girls in this situation, they try their best to get them off the streets as obviously they can easily fall prey to very bad elements.

So we partied with our new found friends, even if it was just for a while, leaving with a heavy heart that now we will go back to the comforts of our home, family and friends but the homeless will still be on the streets but hopefully, for a brief moment, they know there r those who care.

" The poor do not want charity they need inspiration." says  Reach Out

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