Monday, 19 March 2012

Mar 11 - Textile Art & Embroidery Class #7

Today's topic was "Free-hand Machine embroidery" techniques.  These are some of the possibilities -


So, everyone was checking their machine to see how to release the FEED DOGS.  A set of feed dogs typically resembles two or three short, thin metal bars, crosscut with diagonal teeth, which move back and forth in slots in a sewing machine's needle plate. Their purpose is to pull ("feed") the fabric through the machine, in discrete steps, in-between stitches. (Source: Wikipedia).

Next, u will need to tighten your fabric around a circular hoop. Wrap strips of fabric around the hoop to provide friction and ensure the fabric is taut.

Remove the presser foot, slide the hoop under the needle and begin!

As the machine starts to move, how u guide the hoop will determine your design.  That's the basics of it.

The students were thrilled by this and started practicing with various fabric & thread as the instructor gave creative suggestions on the possibilities for design work!

One point comes to mind - although this is sewn by a machine, the artist / designer has the freedom to chose the colour, texture of fabric & thread so as to bring a design to life. It must not look flat!

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