Monday, 19 March 2012

Feb 26, 2012 - Textile & Art Embroidery class #6

 Getting to know the sewing machine
* The bobbin & bobbin case. In some sewing machines, you tighten or loosen the screw holding the bobbin case together. But in newer machines, there is no bobbin case
* Presser foot. As the name suggests, it is to press down the fabric while moving it throught the needle. There are also zipper foot and wider zigzag foot. Use the right foot for the best result.

* Thread & bobbin tension
* Threading the machine. Each machine is different. Sometimes it is difficult toremember how to run the thread through the machine. So, to change the thread colour easily, just remove the spool of thread, cut it off and tie the end to a new spool. then just pull the thread through the machine until the needle.

* Threading the needle. You can use a needle threader which is essentially a thin metal wire bent into half (loop) & insert it through the needle's eye. Put the thread into the loop & pull the loop  through the eye and the thread will follow. Needles come in various gauges (sizes) depending on thread and thickness of fabric.

Creative use of straight & zigzag stitches
* Two colour stitching - one colour for the needle & a contrasting colour for the bobbin

* Adjusting tension will determine which colour will show up more prominently. In normal sewing, the tension of top (needle) and bottom (bobbin) should be the same but in creative sewing, u can play around with the tension

* Vary the length of the stitches (straight & zigzag) can also create interesting effects.
* Use a wide zig-zag stitch to catch & bind long scraps of string/thread/fabric into a long string. Can use as a slingbag strap or later use for surface embellishment.

The samplers made :

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