Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Can u be a CRAFTIST?

We have artists and we have crafters, each being creative on a different level, using a different platform but both driven by the common love of creating something wonderful, exciting and passionate.  I consistently use the word 'passionate' because it is this passion that drives a creative person on, be it an artist, a sculptor, a printmaker, a fashion designer, an embroiderer or a crafter, to make something that he or she is proud of and feels fulfilled having created it.

It is those who attempt to segregate, belittle, devalue one for the other that do not appreciate this kind of 'work'. And yes, it is work. It takes physical action, planning, some experimentation, calling on past experiences and much concentration.

Today, while reading articles on printmaking (for my urgent writing project), this term 'CRAFTIST' just came to me. Why have i not thought of it before? Is there really such a word?

 A google search came up with this definition or explanation of the term, Hence,


"An artist produces art, which is generally aesthetic, something to be viewed, experienced, and appreciated.

A crafter produces a craft, which is more functional and meant to be used for practical applications.

Sometimes the two paths cross, and you can have someone who is both an artist and a crafter, and the art can be a craft and the reverse."

Then i came across this remarkable craftist. Crafter, because her medium is basket-making; Artist, because under her skillful eye & hands, she turns it into a 'sculpture' that still hints at its original form. She is Joyce Tasma.

"Joyce Tasma is a local Craftist who combines the craft of Basket Making with a keen sense of colour, texture, and re cycled materials to create works of art and sculpture that move on from the definition of baskets....her works have made a creative use of found materials ..." Bassendean Arts Community, Western Australia.

In Malaysia, I was fortunate to meet with Jasmine Kok, artist/sculpture who uses various materials with a crafty feel to her work. She picked up her crafting skills from her mom at a young age.
Metal bodice/armour with crochet work
Mandela using ceramic leaves

I would like to add my own understanding of the term CRAFTIST - A craftist would usually be a crafter at heart, patiently creating functional items but injected with an artistic touch. This is the level i would ACG crafters to aspire to.

Siti Aishah Awaluddin is one embroiderer who i would call a CRAFTIST.  Her work has artistic elements and is done with a keen eye for balance, colour and texture.. Her skilled application of stitches as simple as running, straight stitches can transform a piece of cloth into a masterpiece. Kak Siti, is an ACG lifetime member and studied Upholstery at community college in UK, decades ago and swtiching to Embroidery midway, where she found her element. These are examples of her work:

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  1. Very nice crafts you have made, every craft has great fetching look, I like your point of view about art that an artist produces art, which is generally aesthetic, something to be viewed, experienced, and appreciated. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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