Tuesday, 25 September 2012

WTSC: Annoounce of challenge!

I have in my hand 30 pcs of WHITE T-SHIRTS, of various sizes, graciously sponsored by Jan Lee, of eco-cent$. What shall we do with it???

Show us your creativity & ingenuity..

WHO can join? 
- ACG members (life members & year 2012 members). Btw, ACG members can collect their Membership Card from Eva Ng, our Membership Officer
-  Anyone else who wants to take part in the challenge, pls sign up as ACG member for Year 2013. This year's membership will be free fr u.

WHAT's the criteria ?
Your work must be  
**  ARTY            Challenge yourself, experiment. explore! 
**  CRAFTY        Incorporate your passion, your experiences, your skill!
**  INSPIRING    A true artist inspires, encourages others to be creative, think creatively!

What's the prize ?    
Art Friends Vouchers , for you to continue being creative!

HOW to join ?
1.  Come to the National Textile Museum (directions)
    This SATURDAY - 29 SEPT 2012, between 2pm – 5pm
           a)   Submit Entry Form
           b)   Pay entry fee RM20 
           c)   Collect your 2 free white t-shirts.
These tees are recycled tees and is most suitable because it has been washed many times & can accept dyeing process better & we are promoting the Up-cycle (Re-pakai) concept
           d)   Be inspired by Siti Aishah Awaludin, ACG’s Textile & Embroidery Art Instructor as she gives tips on how to ‘art’ify your tee!
           e)   Meet other ACG members and exchange arty, crafty tips!

2. Take a photo of the white tees before you start.
    Why 2 tees?-so u can practice or do two ideas and pick the BEST ONE to submit. 

3. Take a few photos of the work-in-progress  (steps of the process)
    You can embellish, cut, shred, manipulate, paint, dye, sew on stuff, print, weave, crochet, applique, quilt it, stick paper on it & distress, whatever! 

     It can be wearable OR unwearable art or turn it into something else – a bag, cushion, framed art  
     Incorporate your own art /craft style.

4.  You must SUBMIT :
     on SUN 28 OCTOBER 2012 between 12 noon - 5 pm 
       @ National Textile Museum
     a)  your completed work , AND
     b)  a display (using photos) of your tee showing the  BEFORE and WORK-IN-PROGRESS for the exhibition. You can also write a few lines to explain your concept.

5.   Setup of your works will be from  
     FRI - SAT, 2 & 3 NOVEMBER, 2012 
       by Jane Khoo as curator, members who are not participants & museum staff
6.   Opening of the exhibition & results
     SUNDAY -  4 NOVEMBER, 2012   from  3pm – 6pm
      @ National Textile Museum, KL

An exhibition of all submitted works
         A celebration of ACG members and friends – Pot Luck Party!
                   Announcement of the WINNER!
                           And launching of ACG Workshop in conjunction with the National Textile Museum’s Textile Carnival 2012

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