Saturday, 29 September 2012

Talk : Batik - Indonesian & Malaysian Batik - Their inter-relation & differentiation

Here's an invite to a seminar / tutorial on batik. I was just talking to renowned batik artist, Fatimah Chik (ACG member too) this afternoon and realised that batik has a very wide range of techniques and wide history, not just the batik shirt ministers wear to official functions.

It's quite sad that while the intention of promoting batik by making everyone wear batik at official functions is noble, the over exposure has made many think that batik is just that. The range is sooo limited. There must be more to batik than this!
So, if u can make yourself free, do come to listen to these passionate ladies of Sahabat Tekstil. The speaker, Zuly Chudori is the wife of Australian High Commissioner and has done much research on batik.
Date : THURSDAY 4 October
Time : 10 am
Venue : Galeri Saindera (take the lift upstairs-> turn right and walk straight to the end)
            National Textile Museum
Note - pls bring a shawl/coat as the place was rather chilly during the previous 'Songket' talk.

If this is your first time there, visit ACG's blog to see how to get there.

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