Wednesday, 7 November 2012

28 Oct 2012 : WTSC - Submission of work & Judging

The submissions started to come in at the allotted time  12noon to 3pm. It was displayed temporarily upstairs. We had 10 successful submissions, 1 late submission (and so was penalised) and 3 others could not make it.  ACG participants stayed around (nervously) while waiting for the judges to make their assessment. Sometimes, they were called to explain their work and clarify some points.

The judges consists of Kim Ng, head of Fine Arts Dept in Dasein Academy of Art Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur; Fatimah Chik, a resist artist well-known for turning batik into an artform and ACG's president.

Our many thanks to Kim and Kak Fatimah :)

It was also a good learning experience for the members and organiser. They learned the procedures of a challenge & exhibition -  like filling in the right form, the various stages required, meeting datelines.

Lessons learned :
1) should have at least 3 (odd number of) judges;  2) provide clipboard for judges;  3) provide judges pencils with eraser tips, not ball pens

More for me to learn when curating the exhibition...  

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