Friday, 9 November 2012

WTSC : Exhibition Setup

FRI 2 Nov :  After 3pm., we started moving mannequins from the storeroom to the glass foyer downstairs. This also included wooden pedestals and easels.  I chose almost all black mannequins to contrast with the white tee-shirts, the exception of one white mannequin which went well with the dyed tee-shirt. Another light-coloured one was the dress-form (also called torso).

I envisioned having mannequins scattered casually, like a group of 'visitors' standing around viewing the non-mannequined works, but it did not quite turn out like that. With the help of Janet and Nor Asmah from the museum, we managed to get a suitable placing & display for all the exhibits. One thing i forgot or did not anticipate - most mannequins had tops (made from the tee) and nothing to cover the bottom half!  Luckily i brought grandma's old (50-60 years) sarongs and it worked for some.

SAT 3 Nov :  So i came back the next day with mini-skirts from my own wardrobe :)  Also the storyboards had to be backed with cardboard for a better presentation. I also forgot to prepare the ACG poster to explain what the exhibition was all about.  I also  brought the ACG Events / Guest book, membership forms & name cards to complete the display.

SUN 4 Nov :  Spent the whole morning (wee morning) 2am till 7.30am packing some last minute stuff and made salsa for the Pot-luck buffet table and sorted through the hundreds of ACG activities photos - putting in captions, labelling and storing them into a thumb-drive, to play at the Exhibition Opening.

12 noon and it was raining cats & dogs intermittently. After leaving the stuff at the museum, I ventured out to buy some flowers for the buffet centre-piece, and was partly drenched. Luckily my dress & wedges dried fast with the running around. Since it was ACG's 19th Anniversary, I wanted everything to be dainty and nice. I even brought my ceramic cake stand and a metal cake server, ceramic cups for herbal tea and Ikea napkins.

What a record - managed to set the buffet table, the floral arrangement, fix some missing tags, covered some unsightly pedestals with black cloth (i just bought while looking for the flowers) with 15 mins to spare, before the others started to drizzle in...

My many to thanks to Vanaja, the reception staff who helped me put up the posters and supported my ideas. We started talking & found out that we came from the same school (but generations apart).  Such a small world!

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