Saturday, 8 December 2012

Nov6 2012 : Etiqa Hobby Week (corporate event)

Had a wonderful surprise last week. Received an email from En Azman of Etiqa Insurance & Takaful, inviting ACG to organise a group of instructors to give demos and conduct short workshops on crafts for its employees, for they believe that employees should have other outlets for self-expression and other interests to balance their work life. Wah,..such considerate employers indeed :)

So i quickly rounded up those who do not have 9-5 jobs as this is a weekday event. After a lot of quick decisions and with everyone's help & support, voila! we are ready!  I think must be a record for ACG - event planned & confirmed in less than a week.

Let's let the pictures tell the tale..

Sab - Felt Donuts
Umi - Ribbon Embroidery

Jon - Tatting - lace making

Felicia - Stone Painting

Collograph - setup
Ellie - Collograph, a printmaking technique

Mastura - Wire jewellery
Mas, explaining wire jewellery concepts

Etiqa participants enjoying themselves!

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