Sunday, 14 April 2013

Crafting together is soooo much fun!

Its an ironic human trait..  "You cannot imagine how much fun u will have until u actually do it."  So, if you dont do it, u wont know how much fun it will be...

Deciding whether or not to attend a crafting workshop falls in that category, for many..

My advice -- borrowed from Nike :  "Just do it"

IT'S TRUE... ACG has been running workshops for the public since 2010 @The Star's Femme City exhibition at KL Convention Centre. It was difficult to get people to try their hand at crafting. But after they see others having soooo much fun, they gingerly try a bit and after they get into full, swing... WE HAVE ANOTHER PROBLEM... they wont go home!

Photos taken during Femme City 2010, KL Convention Centre, organised by The Star.

Seronok nya!!

Photos taken during Craft workshops at National Textile Museum 2011 & 2012

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