Monday, 15 April 2013

Plight of SAMH

**HOW YOU CAN HELP : For every participant who signs up and pays RM100 for a session at Eco Craft Partee, ACG will donate RM10 to SAMH **

It is sad that a charitable organisation established in 1964, is in danger of closing. It is SAMH (Selangor & FT Association for the Mentally Handicapped). This centre trains / teaches / finds employment / caters to lower income families with children of mental disabilities. ACG members, Jane & Umi Kalsom visited the centre a weeks ago and was impressed at their Paper Rattan baskets & other handicraft sections, aimed at training the students to be self-reliant, eg,. able to sew buttons and repair torn clothes, make the bed, etc.

We found that these students are very focused in their work, very helpful & respectful of their teachers. Here are some of the photos of our visit there.
 in Brickfields. They have other centres too.

 The Paper Rattan Craft Room.

Items from here will be on sale at the Eco Craft Partee's Handmade Market @ Parkamaya, fahrenheit88..27-28 April and 11-12 May 2013.

 These soft toys were made by the students under the guidance of Billie Day, an ACG member who brought SAMH plight to our attention.

Handicraft room..

The sheltered workshop allows students to work and earn a small income.

The living skills room

The computer room where they are taught word processing & educational software.

Preparing for the Flag Day

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