Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fringe Programmes @Eco Craft Partee

… what’s that?

We are targeting specific items only to ensure that items can be channelled to where it is needed most

• Clean, used uniforms, shoes & school bag – for Orang Asli children

• Old towels, worn out t-shirts, newspaper – for Animal Shelters

• Leftover fabric, yarn, buttons, crafting tools and PhDs (Projects half-done) - for future community crafting projects

Just bring and place it in our bins  

LATEST by 12 May

FRINGE PROGRAM #2  - ACG Member's Exhibition
- Come view the diversity of crafts by our members, from beautiful stoneware ceramics to functional crafts like crochet, papercrafts, ribbon-embroidered cushions & featuring arty items fashioned from the simple white tee. The t-shirts were dyed, sprayed, appliqued, slashed, rolled, sewn, embellished with crochet, sequins, beads... These were part of the WHITE TEE-SHIRT CHALLENGE held last year.

FRINGE PROGRAM #3 - Hand-Made Mini Bazaar
.... prefer to purchase than to do? Good..then browse through our various ACG member's kiosks. Sure to find something u fancy..all "Hand-Made in Malaysia" with love & passion.

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