Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Spend a Crafty Day with Mom

ACG pays tribute to moms !!

We call her mom, mama, mother, emak, ibu, bonda!  To many of us, we get our creative juices from this fine lady - the one who inspires us, encourages us and supports us in our creative quest.  WE THANK YOU, MOM

Many of our members are mothers themselves. I see the dedication in their eyes both for their crafting and their family.

This weekend is special to us for we are encouraging mothers to come forward and spend some bonding time with your daughters, your sons.. being creative!!

For this SAT & SUN (11 & 12 May),
  • Sign-up for any session (4 crafts) with you and your mom (2 pax, RM200) and get a special gift for her
  • Sign-up your mom for a craft workshop or two, that she will enjoy. We have a wide variety of crafts to choose from. Come with her and while she is crafting, come learn how to make a mini bouquet for her for FREE.
Pls PRE-BOOK, so we can prepare enough gifts/mini floral bouquet kits.

11 MAY 2013 (SATURDAY)  11am-3pm  =  Session E
E1. Vintage stamps jewellery- Mastura Mustaffa  (whimsicalnquirky.blogspot.com) 
E2. Recycled jeans art –  Norliza Samingon (Norlie) (sekocinorlie.com)
E3. Furoshiki (8 designs) -  Rafidah Anum Zainaddin (Fid) (misfydkrafts.blogspot.com)
E4. Somerset Star patchwork  -  Zarina ZA

11 MAY 2013 (SATURDAY)  3.30 - 7.30pm  =  Session F
F1.  T-shirt reconstruction -  Ellie Ng                 (cp-stylingstudio.blogspot.com)
F2.  Ribbon embroidery bottle - Umi Kalsom    (embroideredgift.blogspot.com)
F3.  Magazine pages quilling -  Sabrina Yazid    (mikylayna.blogspot.com)
F4. Macrame bottle carrier -  Eva Ng              

12 MAY 2013 (SUNDAY)  11am-3pm  =  Session G

G1.Recycled jeans art - Norliza Samingon (Norlie) (sekocinorlie.com)

G2.Ribbon embroidery bottle- Umi Kalsom            (embroideredgift.blogspot.com)

G3.Macrame bottle holder  -  Eva Ng                     (yans-crafty.blogspot.com)
G4.Magazine pages quilling - Rebecca Chuah 

12 MAY 2013 (SUNDAY)  3.30 - 7.30pm  =  Session H

H1.Stone wrapping jewellery - Mastura Mustaffa              (whimsicalnquirky.blogspot.com)

H2.Furoshiki (8 designs) -  Rafidah Anum Zainaddin (Fid) (misfydkrafts.blogspot.com)

H3.Somerset Star patchwork  -  Zarina ZA                       (concerningzarina.wordpress.com)
H4.T-shirt reconstruction-  Ellie Ng              

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