Thursday, 12 December 2013

Part 1 - Annual Craft Workshop & CFC session

The annual craft workshop and CFC (Crafting For Charity) session was a success! Not only we produced a lot of small nicely made handmade items to give away for charity fundraising, a lot of participants got to acquire new craft making techniques and everyone has something special to share, whether it's their life experience, crafting ideas or simply helping out other participants with the projects they are working on.

A surprise visit from Turkish ceramic and creative soap artist, Meryem Buhari who made two crochet items for our CFC!
You can check out more of Meryem Buhari's works, here.

SAT 7 Dec 2013 -  Wire Bits CFC session by Mastura of 


This was followed by - Rose Pendant Wire Jewellery workshop by Whimsicalnquirky 

And then,  Hardanger Embroidery workshop by Zalita M. Nor of (photos pending)..

SUN 8 Dec 2013 -  Basic Crochet CFC session by MisfydKrafts
Participants for the basic crochet workshop were very lucky to receive a free copy of the first edition of "Jahitan Crochet" sponsored by the author herself, Lina A.R. Thank you Lina for your generosity,
it was indeed a nice gift!

Look at all the lovely items they made out of their mini crochet projects. The buttons  used to embellish  it were donated by Shah's Craft :)  TQ 

Folded Roses CFC session by Umi Kalsom Ismail

The huge amount of roses produced and made into hair accessories, tagged and ready to be contributed to charity organisations. Thanks to our hard-working, creative and fun volunteer crafters :)

Next was the Floral Ribbon Embroidery workshop - Felt Heart Bunting by Umi Kalsom

Followed by Macrame with Beads Bracelet workshop by Eva Ng

So, if you would like to learn new crafts with us or show off your skills and be in the crafters circle, its not too late! Part 2 - Annual Craft Workshop & CFC session will be conducted next weekend. And since its the school holidays, bring your child along and let them be crafty too!

For more information or if you like to book a seat for the event, please visit our Facebook event page:

Reported by Aishah  Niehus
Edited by Jane Khoo
Photo credits :  Mastura, Fid and Jane

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