Sunday, 31 May 2015

Come help us celebrate 22th Annual General Meeting!


Do come join us -

9.30am       Set up :
                 * REGISTRATION /MEMBERSHIP table    (Eva & Fid)
                 * ACG  T-SHIRT SALE  table                        (Umi)
                 * MEMBERS GIFT SWAP table                    (Adam)
                 * POT-LUCK  & drinks table                          (Jane & Jan)
                 * PRE-LOVED BOOK SALE table                (Annabelle & Felicia)
              Welcome members, frens & family.
                  CASUAL sitting - bring picnic mats & cushions if you'd like a more comfortable bum

                  DRESS CODE :  As this is outdoor in the courtyard - do wear light, loose & comfy wear.
                  SUNNY CONTEST :  Be a MAD HATTER!!
                                                       Wear/bring/show us your most creative HAT OR HEAD GEAR
                                                       Participation open to the PUBLIC!!

10.30am    Members :  Pls be on time as we need to finish before the SUN reaches its peak!
                                     Agenda includes selecting new committee, amendments and official matters.

                  Frens & family : Feel free to browse through our Pre-loved art & craft books for sale.
                                              Also have ceramic figurines & batik & carving tools - from the
                                              collection of the late Angelina Ibrahim, a former ACG member.
12.00noon Members GIFT SWAP - give a gift that is "HeartMade"  (to quote Mastura)
                  MAT HATTER voting. Choose the winner by secret ballot.

                  Continue to mingle and enjoy the POTLUCK brought by members while browsing &
                  selecting your favourite craft & art books at VERY REASONABLE prices.

                  PRE-LOVED BOOK SALE will continue until 3pm

 1pm         Feeling INSPIRED??
                      Then stay for Ben Toh's ART JAMMING  session. For RM30, you get to
                            put play around with acrylic colours on canvas. NO judgement.
                                  PAINT what heart your feels, not necessarily what your eyes see.
                                       Use the brush, your fingers, splatter paint, scrap it with paper,....
                                            U can be CRAFTY and do COLLAGE with materials found around
                                                 the courtyard - dried leaves, vines...., or items from your handbag ;)

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