Friday, 25 September 2015

ACG in Action for Crafting for Charity 2015

This year, ACG is in action for another Crafting for Charity (CFC) session !!

CFC Purpose:
Purpose of CFC is to bring together the skills & enthusiasm & manpower of crafters to make saleable items; which will be donated to NGOs to sell at their bazaar day. 

Our first CFC was at National Textile Museum in 2013. You may read the article here - Part 1 & Part 2.

Our second CFC sprouted from a conversation with Farida from SABM (Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia) group after our AGM in June. Prior to that, during relief efforts for the East Coast's 'Great Flood' SABM committee had a chanced meeting with people from Sunbeams Home which led to them running a rural urban educational programmes (RUEP) at Sunbeams Learning Centre in KL.

So back to ACG's involvement.  ACG was invited to collaborate with SABM RUEP team to run craft workshops with teens & kids from Sunbeams Home & Semai teens from Sg Bil, Perak to learn & make craft items for sale at Sunbeams Open Day on 14 & 15 November 2015.

CFC's First Day - 19 Sep 2015

Our first day kicked off with 4 activities conducted by ACG & SABM members:
a. Up-cycled fashion
b. Denim & felt craft for hair & home accessories
c. Umbrella painting
d. The 'Sotong' bag (tote bag from tee-shirts)

Jane briefing the kids

 Up-cycled fashion with Jane

Up-cycled scarf - into a swanky jacket

 the 'Sotong' bag - a carry all tote bag up-cycled from a t-shirt

 Ellie Ng giving ideas on denim & felt craft for hair & home accessories

Denim hair accessories

Jessrine briefing the kids on umbrella painting with acrylic paints

 Kids creative designs for umbrella painting. Nice isn't it? Only one unique design for each!
You can vie for it on their Open Day & Charity Bazaar. Buy a Raffle ticket and a lucky draw will be held every hour and the lucky winner will get to bring home this umbrella!

CFC's Second Day - 20 Sep 2015

Second day activities were based on making smaller crafts items such as :
a. Fabric-bound notebooks
b. Yarn crafting - pom-pom making
c. Yarn wrapping - monograms
d. Shibori - fabric pleated & wrapped on a pipe & painted with batik paints

Everyone was inspired from a simple design and proceeded to create their own designs by adding various embellishments.  They will continue to make craft items and teach others in the Home to make it too.

ACG & SABM will check-in a few weeks to ascertain progress, design packing & labelling & decide on pricing. These are hand-made items and will be priced accordingly. 

Speech giving before activities start

 Making yarn pom-poms with Fid

Designing fabric-bound notebooks with Zarina

 Again, unique designs by the kids. Fabric bound notebooks with pom pom & other embellishments

 Shibori - fabric pleating session with Jane.

Yarn wrapping - monograms (alphabet) with Lynn & Eva (Eva is missing in the spot... she is lepak-ing in the other craft stations)

Before ending the craft-making sessions, Jon presented Rainbow Looms for the kids to enjoy crafting during their leisure time. These were sponsored by Mastura.

 ** For Nora to be given to the Semai (orang asli) community in Sungai Bil, Perak.

 ** To Steven Loh, principal of Sunbeams Community Learning Centre 

 ACG members were surprised to receive goodie bags from SABM RUEP's team, Ms. Rosemary. Thank you so much.

Last but not least, our group photo to end the session. All smiles!!

ACG would like to say "Thank You" to
  • All crafters for sponsoring / donating the materials for the craft making sessions, valuable time given in for CFC sessions, sharing knowledge and inspiring the kids as well as the adults.
  • SABM RUEP team, Sunbeam & Sg Bil for the opportunity to craft & inspire the kids. Not to forget the scrumptious tea time snacks too.
  • Volunteers for helping during CFC sessions.

Photo source: SABM's facebook & ACG members - Jessrine, Fid & Jon.

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