Thursday, 19 November 2015

ACG members in Berita Harian @ 18 Nov 2015

Usaha martabat seni kraf tangan!

An article from Berita Harian dated 18 Nov 2015.
This article is related to the recent My Handy Creations Bazaar by Brother International (Malaysia) in Oct 2015.

Interviews with 4 of our ACG members were published in this national newspaper, Berita Harian.

Bottom photo: Abby from Sarang Craft by Abby
1st right photo: Rozi from Made by Rozi Rahman
2nd right photo: Norlie from SekociNorlie
3rd right photo: Eva Ng from Yan's Crafty

We congratulate them. So proud of all of you, actively promoting handmade crafts!

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