ACG Re-Purposed crafts

For the recent Eco Bazaar (In Dec 2012),members of ACG have come up with a range of eco-friendly items, using their ingenuity to give new purpose & life to old, discarded, previously unwanted materials, henced the term "Re-Purposed crafts"

It is an exercise in creativity and resourcefulness. Enjoy!

* Candy-wrapper purse
Anny fell in love with this particular form of craft and spent 4 years scouring the net for info about it. From what she found, she tried to follow the instructions and improvised / experimented and finally got the result she wanted (see below).

She starts by collecting candy-wrappers/any plastic coated wrappers and painstakingly cuts & folds each wrapper into strips that are intricately weaved together to form a strong base for the purse. A zipper and lining is added to complete the item. Because it is made up of small strips, the weaving process is not the same as the fabric weaving technique. Find out more by checking our her Facebook page under Zeleny Craft.

This apparently is also a popular craft with the Nyonya ladies of Penang in pre-Merdeka (before Malaysia's independence from the British) days. Crazeepatches, recalls her mom telling her about this past-time of  collecting cigarette boxes, cutting it up into strips and weaving it into a shape of a dog.

Also seen in Gerai OA's stall sometime back were a few purses made from Maggi mee (a favourite instant noodle brand) wrappers. These were made by orang asli (indigenous) ladies from the interior.

Candy wrapper purses (not for sale)
FID of 

Punk Rock Zipper Jeans Bracelet:
Hand sewn Old jeans zipper + old buttons. The fastener are crocheted using cotton yarn.

Simple Chick Eco Crochet Bracelet
Left: Single wrap - Old jeans + Old buttons Bracelet

Right: Single wrap & Triple wrap - Recycle Plastic bag + Old button bracelet

Mastura of
From this

To this

  More Repurposed items to come...

** If you wish to purchase or commission any of these items, feel free to contact the crafters themselves to arrange for payment & delivery. Utmost care is taken by ACG to ensure correct representation of the items displayed. However, mistakes or mis-communications may occur, so pls ensure u communicate specifically which items u r interested in and ask for more details/closeups and terms & conditions of sale. TQ

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